Jessica Simpson weight loss


The way Kareena kapoor stunned every one by her weight loss, almost the whole world was captivated by the new look of Jessica Simpson .Whenever a celebrity loses weight drastically it becomes talk of the town and people get desperate to know the secret behind their radical change.

According to Simpson a strict diet plan is what has enabled her to shed all that excess weight. Her sheer guts and strong will power is one of the important factor which made her lose so much of weight.
With strict diet plan Simpson spent hours in the gym religiously. With a professional trainer, she carefully planned her work out and followed it with full dedication. So devoted was Simpson that she was able to shed nearly eight pounds in a matter of two weeks.

Diet she followed was five factor diet which included
1. Low-fat quality proteins
2. Low- to moderate- glycemic index carbohydrates
3. Foods high in fiber
4. Healthy fats only
5. A sugar-free beverages
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