Jewellery Shopping At Lajpat Nagar, Delhi – Vlog!


Hey, jewellery fanatics!

Today’s post is all about Lajpat Nagar and the jewellery alleys this place has. We went to this place to buy some jewels and they did an absolute marvellous vlog over there which I will link at the end. But if you are interested in reading the whole experience out, then keep on scrolling! 🙂

Jewellery Shopping At Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

Lajpat Nagar is one of the cheapest yet best markets the capital city has., It is loaded with some great food stalls and some even greater jewellery shops. People coming from all over India have this tendency to visit Sarojini Nagar but this place is no less than that. If you are a Delhite then you, know what I am talking about but if you are not, then you will fall in love with this place, I bet.

Girls usually are obsessed with jewellery and when they find cheap yet amazing stuff, who can resist? Lajpat Nagar was one such experience to be sure. Right from the starting to the end, we could see only jewellery, jewellery and more jewellery.

There were different varieties of earrings – Balis, Jhumkis and Pasas which cater to very different tastes. Everyone has their own share of favourites and this place has something for all.

And we saw some amazing rings too which are apt for parties and festivals.

When asked a seller on his per day sales, he told that only 2-3 pieces are sold every day which was pretty surprising for all of us. Such beautiful designs and only 2-3 pieces? Surely, inflation is here.

Jewellery Heaven!

But I can bet on one thing, those who are interested in buying some amazing jewellery stuff, you will literally be surprised after hearing their prices. I do every time I hear them!

Now, there is a particular lane in Lajpat Nagar dedicated solely to jewellery and the landmark is a Chaat Shop. Though there are a number of Chat Shops in this area as we all love to eat some chat in Delhi, still that is a mark point.

And next to the chat shop, there is the mobile cover shop. it is fun to experiment with mobile covers though we mainly stick to the classic black ones.

And there were the “Mang Tikas” which are coming in fashion lately. They are made up of Gota Patti. It looks very beautiful for Mehendi and all ceremonies and every girl can wear those without thinking twice. Mang tika will surely rule this wedding season!

And there comes the Bindi shop. Indians have a fetish for Bindis and being a Bengali, I love that big bindi on the forehead. Traditional wear looks incomplete without a bindi and if there is a shop like this, we are spoilt for choices. There are a number of varieties one for everyone. You can choose between the plain and the fashionable ones. Also, you can find those vampy daily soap bindis. 😛 There were some golden ones too that were very beautiful that are apt for brides and functions.


Then comes the lovely Punjabi Bridal Chunris. They looked so beautiful that everyone will feel like wearing them on their D-Day but Alas! I can’t.  🙁 And we also see some matkis which looked amazingly beautiful too. Strange but true  😀

Then we can see some amazing oxidise earrings, bangles and some coin necklace – a paradise for jewellery lovers!

Then we found some really gorgeous pompom earrings which the shopkeeper said that he had learnt from this grandfather. And they were for 50 bucks each. Tempting!

And with this, we come to an end. Though I know every girl has this weird fascination for jewellery, everything good thing has to end! Do tell me if you have visited this place!

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