Johara Phytobright Whitening Essence Review


Johara Phytobright Whitening Essence

Hello Everyone, How are you all? Today I am here with an interesting product which has been a part of my skincare regime and I wanted to share my experience with this product! This basically a whitening essence which I have been using to get an even toned skin due to the pigmentation around my mouth! I was not looking for a fair complexion but only expected it to make my overall skin tone uniform!

Lets see what the brand claims about this whitening essence!

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About Johara Phytobright Whitening Essence

Essence for Pure Clarity

A quick-absorbing serum enriched with natural, true-to-life botanicals that helps restore youthful clarity, while aiding in natural skin lightening. You will see an overall brightening of your complexion, even-skin tone and sheer radiance.


  • Quick-absorbing light weight serum
  • Even skin tone
  • Contains PhytoBright Complex
  • Helps restore clarity & provides overall brightening

Price– INR 1200 for 30ml

Packaging– The whitening essence comes in a white opaque bottle with a pump dispenser cap to take out the required amount of the whitening essence! I noticed the same pump not being functional just as the Johara day lotion packaging was faulty!

Product Color- the product is a clear white colored light weight essence or serum as you rightly refer to!

Texture– The texture of this whitening essence is light weight and has a consistency as that of a serum which quickly gets absorbed on the skin!

My Experience with Johara Phytobright Whitening Essence

The whitening essence is a great serum for those who want their skin tone to look even, whether it is already fair or dusky because it looks the most natural!

There is no whitening or fairness associated with this serum and so don’t have any expectations on that front!

The essence is light and seeps through the skin without any residue or greasy feeling! The serum is perfect for both oily and dry skin beauties and can be tried during any climate as an overnight treatment!

It considerably does a lot in making the skin appear much even toned and supple!

Although I feel that 30ml is quite less for the price and it will last only a month!

Johara Phytobright Whitening Day Lotion texture

The only issue with this essence is the packaging and I have given my feedback on that to the brand! They are working on it to make it better!

Overall, I quite liked using the essence and looking forward to more products from the range!

What I like about Johara Phytobright Whitening Essence?

  • Light weight texture
  • Quickly absorbed by skin
  • Non-greasy
  • Apt for both oily & dry skin
  • Skin appears even toned with regular use
  • Skin is soft & supple

What I don’t like about Johara Phytobright Whitening Essence?

  • Pump packaging doesn’t seem to work!

Rating– 4.5/5

Will I recommend?– Well, sure if you too are looking for an even skin tone and want a light skin serum to work in improving your skin texture!

Have you tried Johara Phytobright Whitening Essence?

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