John Frieda Shampoo & Coditioner

What the product claims: –

  • Shampoo: Moisturizes and blocks frizz for easy styling
  • Conditioner: Mends and blocks frizz for easy styling.It could be used for colored hair too.
  • Size:    295 ml
  • Price:  Rs.  450/- (I got it for 420/- from Urban Touch)




How to use 

  • Shampoo: Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse well.
  • Conditioner: Smooth through shampooed hair. Leave for 2-5 minutes for extra care. Rinse thoroughly.


My experience with John Freida Shampoo And Conditioners


I have dry, curly and thick hair. Though I love my curly locks but so many times they become so frizzy that it’s a mess. I got them smoothened too but didn’t like it so now am back to my curly, sometimes bushy glory. I had been using Dove dryness care range to my satisfaction then I saw the John Frieda range at Urban Touch. I had heard quite a lot about this brand so got them.

Now not to punish you guys too much by hearing my “hairy tales”, I’ll come straight to the verdict……. These are the best hair products I have used so far. They make my hair so soft and tamed.  The frizz is less, not totally tamed but still I can see a remarkable difference.

JOHN FRIEDA hair product reviews

What I like  about John Frieda Shampoo & Coditioers

  • It’s easily available online at a discounted price.
  • The consistency is smooth. Both shampoo and conditioner spread real easily.
  • They smell almost neutral. Just a light whiff of shampooey smell which is pleasant.
  • When used for not oiled hair, just a little amount is needed.
  • I found the shampoo to be very effective. It cleanses hair, leaving it smooth and soft to touch. It controls the frizz to an extent. The best thing is that once I didn’t wash my hair for 4-5 days after using this but my hair was still so soft and shiny. Loved it

What I do not like about John Freida Shampoo And Conditioners

  • The price is little steep but to be frank I am so impressed by the shampoo that I don’t mind a little indulgence. I rarely get a shampoo which suits my hair so I am not going to leave this one.
  • When I apply oil, it takes quite a lot of amount to remove it. I have been using this since a month and more but I haven’t been able to work out the exact amount necessary but that’s just a personal hiccup. Still I guess even with these kinds of problems, it’s going to last for 1 and a half month with 3 times week usage.As it’s not available at the stores as far as I know, it could be the bone of contention for some.
  • The packaging of the shampoo and conditioner is so similar that I have to read every time, which I hate to do.
  • As the consistency is quite runny, the moment I open the tube, product pours out. Now I have discovered a nice way of not wasting it. I take the tube, turn it over (as in the flip cap is upside) then give it a whack so the stuff goes down and then use it.
  • The conditioner didn’t work much for me. It seems to do nothing to my hair. But as it’s the repairing kind of conditioner and my hair doesn’t need any repairing as such (the hair stylist once told me that your hair only needs moisture….lots of it). But me being a weirdo at times bought it for the silly reason that it’ll be good to have a repairing conditioner for day to day repairing. I guess that’s the reason it didn’t work for me… Next time I am going to get the hydrating conditioner.

JOHN FRIEDA condition reviews+Shampoo reviews+Conditioer reviews

So finally, I have found THE shampoo for me and hopefully the hydrating one will be THE conditioner for me. I have used a lot of shampoos and conditioners (L’Oreal salon shampoos for example) but nothing tamed and soothed my parched curls like this one.

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  1. ohh great!!!! i’ve already ordered the shampoo frm organic surge for dry damaged hair. ‘ll see if it works or else definitely be trying this 😀 nice review Ashu.

  2. sounds really gud..i think we have the same kinda hair…mine is also curly and frizzy and the bane of my existence actually…they have calmed down alot after using schwarzkoph now tho….but id like to try these t see if it works better 🙂 🙂

    nice review as always ashu!

    • it didnt work for me as i dont have damaged hair. it might suit people who have chemically treated and damaged hair so i didnt really find the conditioner bad nafisa 🙂


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