Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!” Review


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So, the simple and ONLY reason why I bought this beautiful little thing was because I, the glutton, took one look at it and fell for it. Plus, what with Ana finally giving birth and all, suddenly baby products seem to be my favorite. Recently, I was walking around C3 and I found this (and around 6-7 other varieties) on offer, and the price and smell of this cologne made me buy it.

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Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!” Review+johnson product review

My Experience with Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!”

Before I begin, let me put up a disclaimer – though this is clearly meant for kids, I use it regularly. I am writing this from an adult’s perspective, so people who want to use this on their kids… hopefully do not go by me. But, I swear, the fragrances are irresistible.

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Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!” Review+mild perfume

The best thing about this cologne is that it is very mild, and what I generally do is use it like my favorite arm splash, bathing my underarms with it. Because I have sensitive underarms, most deodorants end up making me scratch my underarms. However, this one did not. Though one of the first things I noted was that it had alcohol as its main ingredient, I looked down and saw that Castor Oil was too, and that was, for me, the moment I knew I had to purchase it.

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Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!” Review+best colonge

I am yet to carry the bottle around, but in general, it is quite sturdy, and comes with a flip-top cap. It has a lovely, fresh fruity aroma, with hints of musk and other elements that just makes this perfect. Though a lot of mothers love using this in their babies’ bath water, I don’t. So I do not know either. But, I have put a bit of this inside my tiny C&C face wash bottle and it fits perfectly. I love this, though it contains alcohol.

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Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!” Review+ perfumed deo

The flip top cap is very useful too. In the end I have to sum this up fast.

Pros of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!”-

  • Great smell
  • Very reasonable
  • Stays for 3-4 hours
  • Can be used as a bathwater or as a deo

Cons of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!”-

  • Not too travel friendly
  • Big in size so cumbersome
Will You Repurchase Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!”-

I want to go through with them all first.


Have you tried Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne – “Bounce!”?

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  1. I got the blue one for my baby but never use it directly on his skin since it has a high concentration of alcohol. I use it on his clothes to keep him smelling fresh. There’s too much product in the bottle and mine was expiring fast so I made my hubby use it as after-shave :-D. I checked the ingredients list with his regular after-shave and they were sooo similar. In fact, he’s still using it :-))

  2. Hmm..I got one of these too but really the alcohol concentrartion is too much for baby’s skin..don’t use it much baby says she wants phus phus deos 🙂

  3. this is too much for a baby’s skin. My nephew kept breaking out when I used even Johnson’s baby wipes. Universally not the best in skin care for baby. PLease avoid!


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