Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel Review


Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel

Hi Ladies,

Last winter, my son’s skin went extremely dry especially his legs.. When I was about to visit my doctor, my friend here told me that this oil gel has been prescribed by the same doctor for her son whose skin went dry too..


Johnson Baby Oil Gel Review


So I bought this thinking this would be something similar to baby lotion or baby oil. But with regular usage, I realized it is a wonderful moisturizer that suits both babies and adults.

What does Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel Claim:

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Baby Oil Gel



Johnson Baby Oil Review

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Price: I got this for 32 SAR.

Quantity: 200ml

My Experience with Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel:

It comes in a see-through bottle with sturdy flip cap.  This oil gel is colorless and thick in consistency.  When applied, it immediately hydrates the skin and makes it shiny. Though the shine stays only for some time, the skin remains hydrated for a long time. That’s what I want!!  🙂

The hydration this oil gel gives is many more times than what a baby oil or baby lotion can provide. This has made my son’s skin really silky and smooth. His skin never felt dry even in winters as I used this daily after his shower. He used to get redness around his nose; this oil gel has got rid of him from that too. No matter it is summer or winter, I use this on him throughout the year. It is really a wonderful product..!!!

Johnson Baby Oil Gel


But if applied more, it becomes sticky and attracts more dirt. 3-4 drops of this oil gel is enough for my son’s entire body.  Also, I feel it is good to use this after shower rather  than during day or before going to bed as it remains sticky for a long time on dry skin (read: not wet) though it provides enough hydration. So I prefer this on my son only after shower and use Johnson’s bed time lotion before going to bed. I tend to skip bed time lotion on my son especially during summers but never skipped this oil gel.

As this works great on my son, I tried it myself and found this is great on adult skin too.. This has become my must-have product during winters for hydrating my hands and legs.  But I prefer my Jergens’ cooling sensation body lotion during summers.  Also, I use this to remove my washable mascara.. It comes off very easily with this oil gel. ;-)  There are many variants available too. I use the one with blossoms scent.

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What I like about Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel:

  •  Very mild on the baby’s skin.
  • Keeps the skin moisturized for a long time.
  • Hydrates more than regular baby oil or lotion.
  • Makes skin smooth, silky, shiny and healthy.
  • Very little is enough. So this product would lasts longer.
  • No irritation or rash.
  • Has mild fragrance.
  • Suits both adults and babies.
  • Affordable. Good value for the quantity.

What I do not like about Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel:

  •  This oil gel attracts dirt when applied more.
  • Though the cap is sturdy, it leaks little and is not travel-friendly.
  • Remains sticky for a long time if applied on dry (read: not wet) skin. I think people with very dry skin can work this way.
  • Not easily available in India. But I came across this in ebay and homeshop18. (Though quite expensive)


My Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict: I would repurchase this as long as this is available in stores..  I highly recommend this to anyone (baby or adult) with dry skin.

If you feel no moisturizer keeps your skin well hydrated and healthy, then this product is yours.


Would you like to share your experience with Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel?


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  1. Nice review Laxmi 🙂 I have this n bought it on a whim since it is gel based thinking it’ll be light n non-greasy. But it’s soooo awfully sticky 🙁 Can ONLY be applied on wet skin. On dry skin it doesn’t spreat at all n is gross. N it dint help my son’s dry skin at all :-((

    • oh.. this has no butter.. 🙂 and i do not like products wit loads of chemical ingredients.. :reallyangry: happy that this has less ingredients and with no parabens.. 🙂

  2. This is interesting…baby oil gel! I had started using baby oil sometime back…but found it way to expensive to manage every month. I have oily skin so anything in gel format and non greasy is fine with me. I also needed something that would seep well into the skin and not make my skin oilier. I started using Parachute advansed body lotion summer fresh. It is economical and has coconut milk and mint in it.


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