Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth


Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth

Jojoba Oil is another wonder from the nature that was not known for long. It was when people began looking for alternative to whales skin wax as a hair nutrient, that Jojoba was discovered. This is mainly a serum kind of liquid wax which is golden in colour and is odourless. It is very good for skin as well as hair and is being seen as a revolutionary product.

Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil

The benefits of jojoba oil include the following:

It is a scalp moisturizer

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Often our scalp loses moisture, we feel irritated due to itching and also suffer hair problems like hair fall and split ends. Loss of moisture also leads to dandruff which is another great issue. Jojoba oil makes us free of these problems in a shorter span of time with regular use due to its natural qualities.

It is a scalp cleanser

Jojoba Oil also helps in cleaning the scalp of excessive sebum that our scalp excretes. It wipes it off the scalp and helps keeping hair and scalp clean and healthy by preventing grey hair.

It is a natural germ buster

Jojoba Oil also helps in keeping the scalp germ free due to its bacteria and fungus-resistant qualities. The oil also helps in better blood circulation if massaged into the hair properly. Once immersed into your hair, it works wonders for your hair in all senses. Better blood circulation not only helps in hair growth but is also good for your entire body.

It is a natural conditioner

Oil Your Hair

Jojoba Oil can be used as a conditioner for your dry hair! You may mix a certain quantity of it with your normal conditioner to examine its benefits for some time. I am sure you will feel the difference soon.

How can it be used?

Jojoba Oil can be used directly through a hot oil massage as you do regularly. Mix it with your routine coconut or almond or olive oil and use it. It can also be used with your conditioner, as I mentioned above due to its natural conditioning qualities. It is specifically very effective if you have split ends. Apply it directly on the rough ends of your hair and see the magic!

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One oil and so many benefits! Wow! I am definitely going to use it regularly now. If you are wondering where you could get this oil from, it is available easily through aroma therapists or hair specialty stores. You may also go for choosing hair products that are rich in Jojoba content. Always read the ingredients of the product you choose. High percentage of Jojoba oil is definitely a boon as we already saw.

Not only for hair but it is equally good for the skin. Once we start using a new product, we must research about it well. And my research on this product shows that we must use it for our regular oiling needs as it seems to be a one stop answer to all our hair related needs. What else could one ask for? A few drops in your oil or your conditioner can help resolve many problems that have been with you for ages! So what are you waiting for ladies? Just grab your bottle right now and use it. I am surely going to recommend it to everyone I know whether their hair need it or not. It is a definite must have.

Have you tried Jojoba Oil for hair before?

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