Jojoba Oil Lotion & Its Uses


Jojoba Oil Lotion & Its Uses

Jojoba oil is one product which is universally accepted across generations. It is good for every part of the body and is being used since ancient times. It is made from the jojoba plant and is rich in almost all vitamins and minerals required for a healthy skin and scalp.

uses of jojoba oil

Let’s see how useful it is and how we can use it in our daily life:

Skin Benefits

The benefits of the oil, specific to the skin are as follows:

As a moisturizer

Yes, jojoba oil has natural ingredients of Vitamin B and E which are required in a good face moisturizer. You may use it during day or as a night time hydrating moisturizer for your skin. You would feel the difference yourself when you get up the next morning. It combines with the body heat and tightens the pores to provide the much needed glow after a stressful day at work or to sooth your busy life. Also it is good for your entire body so go ahead and use it to tone your legs and hands to avoid the ill effects of the winter sun. It is also rich in SPF content and hence is also a solution to tanning and skin rash problems that we usually face during the winters. One oil with so many benefits is definitely worth a purchase, what say?

moisturize hands & cuticles

As a Scar cream

You may also reap the oil’s benefits to apply on the oldest of scars you might have. It is also quite successful on the stretch marks.

As a fungal cream

It is also used as anti-fungal cream and is quite a discovery to be able to prevent such infections from happening again.

As an anti-ageing cream

It is also good with wrinkles and fine lines! Yes, you can now go for this oil and forget to leash out money on the expensive anti-ageing creams that have foreign particles. What could be better than a natural fill up of the wrinkles?

how to prevent wrinkles

The oil, therefore, definitely has some unavoidable properties that are beneficial for us as these are natural and are far better than the chemical-laced products that we use otherwise. Also, there isn’t a doubt that this oil is much more than general oil which thus makes it cost effective.

Hair care benefits

The benefits to the hair are also quite numerous, as mentioned here under:

As a Hair conditioner One can also use the oil for hair nourishment as a conditioner. After you shampoo your hair, apply a few drops of this oil and observe it entangle your hair instantly and make them manageable. It is definitely a plus for curly and frizzy hair. It also provides the natural shine that is lost from hair due to constant exposure to pollution and dust.

livon serum hair conditioning

Speaking of hair, it is also good as a hair serum to support hair shine, to invoke hair growth and also to avoid dandruff. It is also successful in treating the scalp, avoiding further damage and also preventing hair fall.

So what are we waiting for? So many benefits and just one product! Imagine how much we would otherwise have spent on buying different products meant to serve different needs. Isn’t this one product better to be purchased than these all? Go grab it girls, you won’t regret it for sure. Just be sure of the originality and authenticity of the product you purchase.

Have you tried Jojoba Oil Lotion?

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