Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub Review


By Vaishnavi Krishna

Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub

Once I went to a local supermarket in search of a nice scrub for my dry skin the SA showed me this scrub . When she showed me I was like “this is really big , I want a smaller one in this to test the product” but she replied that is the only size. I thought of trying this out and took it.


Jooves Almond and Apricot Scrub


To know more about the product keep on reading 🙂

Price:180 INR for 220 gms

About Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub:

A cream based scrub that contains specially treated granules which aid in removing dead epithelial cells, improves the quality of cells, gives skin a youthful and fresh look

Ingredients: Apricot kernel oil,almond oil,wheat germ oil,walnut shell powder


Jooves Almond and Apricot Scrub ingredients


Method of use: Moisten face. Apply all over face and neck. Massage gently with fingertips for 2 to 3 minutes in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Preferably follow with jovees white water lily moisturizing lotion


Jooves Almond and Apricot Scrub usage


My experience with Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub:

When I came back home I opened the scrub and started scrubbing it against my face and neck in circular motion and left it as it us for about 2 min and washed it off. Trust me guys this left my skin squeaky clean and quite moisturized

Packaging: It comes in a tube packaging. I personally felt that the packaging is huge . May be a smaller version would be a bit better as it can’t be used in travelling because of its huge packaging . But the quality and the look of this is good. And the tube is travel friendly but taking this huge tube is a bit uncomfortable right?


Jooves Almond Apricot Scrub


Texture: This is quite thick in consistency(like a cream) which spreads easily on the skin, which is a good thing actually 🙂

Working: This scrub consists of crushed walnut particles which acts as exfoliators and the almond oil and apricot oil acts as moisturizer
The walnut granules are fine,mild and gentle so sensitive skin people won’t have any problems (Although acne prone skin may find this a bit harsher)


Jooves Almond Apricot Scrub details


Price: It is 180 for 220 gms which is very affordable and the product is worth it( infact more than worth)

And the best part is it smells amazing . It has that mild smell of apricot which is not over powering but quite nice actually. Sensitive noses won’t have any issues with the smell

What I like about Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub:

  • Consists of very fine walnut particles which won’t break out
  • Decently priced
  • Consists of almond oil,apricot oil which helps in moisturizing your skin
  • Texture is soft and creamy
  • Leaves skin moisturized
  • Gives squeaky clean skin
  • Tube packaging which is hygienic
  • Very mild fragrance which us not over powering
  • Travel friendly

What I don’t like about Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub:

  • Very big tube which can cannot be carried along for travelling
  • Not for oily skin (this makes the skin even more oily)
  • Other than this I don’t have any issues with this scrub


jovees apricot almod scrub swatch


Overall verdict: Dry skinned beauties may love the product. Ladies go for it

Rating: 4:5(-0.5 for the packaging)

Would I repurchase Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub?
This tube is quite huge so this lasts me for a long time if I complete this tube and did not find anything gud then ya definitely I would repurchase this 🙂

Would I recommend Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub?
Dry skinned beauties”GO FOR IT” :-). Trust me you’ll love it

A small tip:
Try to scrub you face very gently as rubbing it vigorously gives you fine lines and wrinkles at early age so be gentle on your face and scrub in circular motion as it increases your blood circulation which helps in healthy skin

Have fun and Take care 🙂

Have you tried Jovees Almond and Apricot Scrub ?

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