Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Bush Review And Swatches


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Jordana blushes are quite popular right?I recall so many girls raving about it. But somehow I never thought much of them until earlier this year when on a trip to Mumbai, I happened to visit The Beauty Store and was amazed by their selection of products…I was suitable impressed by their lipglosses too but the blushes kept pulling me back. I swatches a few shades and loved Coral Sandy Beach and Redwood. Unfortunately neither was it stock and imagine my happiness when I found this baby thru Rick! 🙂 I snapped it up in a jiffy and finally its mine!!! Wuaaahhaahahahahaaa!! (this is supposed to be a wicked laugh btw)  😉

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Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush review+ jordana

About Jordana BLushes:-


  • Color-True Tints for Cheeks
  • Face Looks Youthful & Refreshed
  • Accentuates, Sculpts & Contours
  • Velvety-Smooth Formula Blends Easily
  • Made In USA
  • Price: Rs.299 for 2.2 g

Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush review+ jordana blush

My take on the Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush: –


  • Color: The blush is an apricot peach shade with a golden sheen. It has only a tiny hint of coral and I admit I imagined it to have to have more coral than peach because of the name. But nonetheless, the shade is really gorgeous.
  • Price:  INR
  • Quantity: 2.2g

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Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush review+ jordana + blush review


  • Pigmentation & Texture: The blush is soft to touch and the shimmers aren’t chunky at all. When I apply it, the shimmer is visible for max 30mins after which it’s only the color which is visible on my cheeks, Pigmentation is great and I don’t need to dig into the pan for color. It is a sheer shade so it’s buildable and I’d def recco it to beginners.
  • Staying Power: This blush stays on my cheeks for about 4hrs. Not as long-staying as the other blushes, but I wear this lightly. I suppose if I layer it on a bit more, it may stay on for longer.

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Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush review+ jordana+ coral blush


A point of improvement would be the packaging. This blush is a pan with a screw top lid which I usually stay away from because I’m very klutzy and things tend to slip out of my hands to meet a bad state. But then again, this is also sturdy so I wouldn’t complain. The silver foiling on the other hand is a disappointment.. It scrapes and peels off so quickly and makes the pan look like I bought it ages ago whereas it’s almost brand new! But then again, for the steal of a price, I suppose we can’t complain right?

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Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Bush Finger Swatch:-


jordana coral sunset swatches+ Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush review+ jordana


I love such apricot peach shades..they are not uncommon by any means but they are still like a timeless classic. Every girl has to have such a shade in the vanity regardless of whether she is just a beginner or an old-timer at makeup. This somehow reminds me of a toned down version of Max Factors Classic Pink. I wish it stayed on longer but the shade pe se gives no opportunity for complaints. This is one of those blushes you can reach for when confused or in a hurry to get to your destination. A fail-safe shade for any of us girls to have.

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Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Bush  Swatches:-


jordana coral sunset swatch + Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush review

What I like about Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush:-


  • Decent pigmentation
  • The shimmer isn’t chunky and doesn’t stick around for too long.
  • Can be built up.
  • Would suit all skin tones.
  • A good blush for makeup novices
  • I like the fact that it doesn’t have shimmer., This way I don’t have to think too much before using it 😉
  • Decent staying power.
  • No fallout.
  • Easy to blend.


What I don’t like about Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush: –


  • Packaging could be improved.
  • Staying power should have been better.



  • Pigmentation: 4/5
  • Texture: 4/5
  • Staying Power: 3.5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 5/5


Have you tried the Jordana Coral Sandy Beach Blush?

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