Jordana INcolor Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner Brown Review


Jordana INcolor Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner- Brown 

Hi Beauties

We all love applying eyeliners in different colors, don’t we. 🙂 I am also big fan of eyeliners but mostly use pencil ones; always wanted to try liquid liners but with shaky hand I have always ended up creating crooked lines on my eyes. 😀 So when I saw this pen style liquid eye liners on I immediately ordered the brown one.

What the Company claims:-

INcolor Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner by Jordana is simply an amazing eye makeup product. You can get a dramatic look or sophisticated look with it. This liquid eyeliner has a great precision of application and has a great staying power.

 Jordana’s INcolor Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner doesn’t smudge, smear or fade. This eyeliner is truly a great buy. It has a perfect felt tip for easy application and it takes just one wipe to get a nice, rich black line. It comes in .0.054 oz/1.54g.

Jordana INcolor Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner Brown Reviews

  • Best Suitable For:All types of eyes
  • Tips & Tricks:Position yourself in front of the mirror. Draw your eyelid taut with your free hand. Try to draw a line along the inner corner and work towards the outer corner. Now apply more coats of eye liner to define your eyes. Fix any mistakes with a cotton swab damped in eye makeup remover.
  • Price: INR 235 (I got it at INR 140 from here) 😀

My Experience with Jordana INcolor Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner- Brown

It didn’t have a brown liquid eyeliner, always felt the black one make my eyes look smaller; love the way this liner opens my eye. When I first swatched the product on hand, I rubbed it after few seconds; it didn’t budge. 🙂

Jordana INcolor Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner Brown swatches

The felt tip of the liner is neither too short nor too long; it gives me perfect control while drawing lines and I can easily create thick bold or thin lines. The color is medium dark brown in color. The color isn’t too dark so it’s perfect for daily wear or for gals who like toned down looks. The staying power is pretty good; lasts for 6-7 hrs easily without smudging.

What I Liked About Jordana Liquid Eyeliner- Brown

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient pen like packaging
  • Long Lasting
  • Great for everyday use
  • Easily removable
  • Affordable

What I Didn’t Like About Jordana Liquid Eyeliner- Brown:

  • Not much of selection in color-only black and brown.
  • Not water proof
  • You need to store it upright for best use of the product otherwise you will need to shake well before using.

Would I Buy Again: Yes definitely I am going to keep buying this throughout my life 😛 and I also want to try the black one!


  • Pigmentation4/5
  • Texture 4/5
  • Staying power 4/5
  • Availability 3.5/5
  • Price vs Quality 4/5

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  1. he he nice review..
    I have a similar pen in Oriflame in brown, but I feel pen liners don’t give neither a perfect matte nor a shiny look, and cant be used on waterline 🙁
    abt this one ?

  2. yeh me too Tulips…when this one gets over u can use this as a brush for your gel eyeline…as most of us are comfortable holding a pen than a brush makes it easy to draw..just dip in the tip of the pen into ur gel eyeliner pot and draw as you normally do.

  3. May be the color is not suitable for my skin coz my eyelid is darker than the rest of my face and brown doesnot show,,,,but the rest of the colors do.

    • even i have tht problem indrani..y dont u try applying concealer,set wid baby powder or ne translucent powder..dis will make colors pop out


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