Jordana Lip Pencil in Pink Shell Review & Swatches


Hi All,

I love the concept of Lip Pencils…They are so handy to have around and easy to apply even without a mirror to guide you. The first ones I came across were the Inglot Lip Pencils but since they are matte textured I discarded the idea of getting them. I then was able to get my hands on the Stila Lip glazes which were glossy and ideal for my dry lips..About 2mts earlier I happened to see these Jordana Lip Pencils online and thought of giving it a go 🙂 And Yeyyy! My gamble paid off!


jordana lip pencil pink shell review

  • Packaging: This comes in pencil form (duh!) with a transparent lid which I find very fragile. .
  • Color: Pink shell is a frosty rose pink shade.

jordana lip pencil pink shell review+ jordana lip pencil

  • Price: INR 179
  • Coverage & Pigmentation: Pink Shell  I feel will cover most flaws except for flakiness. My lips are a tiny bit chapped and this actually covers most of it. Its quite pigmented and glides on easily. I don’t have to tug to swipe multiple times.

jordana lip pencil pink shell review+ jordana pink shell

  • Staying Power: This is exactly like a lipstick. The stila lip glazes were more like glosses which didn’t stay more than 2.5hrs on my lips whereas this one stays easily for about 4hrs. Eating and drinking also doesn’t have much of an impact.

jordana lip pencil pink shell swatch+ jordana pink shell swatch

jordana lip pencil pink shell review+ jordana pink shell swatch


I have dry lips and so hardly ever go in for frosty shades…actually I avoid them like the plague. But ironically this looks fantastic. It doesn’t hide my lip lines, but atleast this doesn’t accentuate them or sink in like quick sand and make me look pruney and ugly! Major Score!! Plus, this is the only such shade I have..Its like a frosty pink rose petal…I recall having a NYX round lippy like this but that one was too creamy and would sink into my lips within no time. This one on the other hand covers most probs and that too at a steal!! I know some may find it irritating to have to sharpen it but at such quality at just 180bucks, I don’t think there’s any cause for complaint..


jordana lip pencil pink shell review+ jordana lip pencil swatch

What I like about Jordana Lip Pencil in Pink Shell:

  • Love the frosty babay pink shade.
  • Doesn’t settle into the lips
  • Has a good staying power.
  • Extremely affordable
  • Easily available online
  • The pencil design makes application easy as pie.
  • It doesn’t dry out my lips
  • Vast number of shades available


What I don’t like about Jordana Lip Pencil in Pink Shell:

  • this isn’t a prob for me, but some my not like the fact that this needs sharpening 🙂


Rating:   5/5


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