Jordana Lipstick Natural Review & Swatches


Jordana Lipstick in Natural Review+ jordana lipstick

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About Jordana Lipstick:

  • Full Coverage, Dazzling Color
  • Rich & Creamy Texture
  • Lightweight, Smooth-Glide Application
  • Soft Shine Finish
  • Made In USA

Price: Rs.149

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Jordana Lipstick in Natural Review+ jordana

My experience with Jordana Lipstick in Natural:

Before I go about detailing the usual review description about the lipstick, I must say Jordana Lipstick in Natural is a perfect steal at just Rs.149…..!!!!!!!!! Now you may stop reading further and go about buying this Jordana Lipstick. J. Seriuosly.

  • Shade: Named as Natural, and is so very true to its name. It gives a nice pinkish pinched look to the lips. The pink is something like as though you made the blood flow on to the lips suddenly. That’s why it is named as Natural. Lips look simply natural. At some point of lighting, the pink looks as though it is mixed with a little hue of coral. Ok. Confusing coral!!! Overall, it is simple as same as bare pink lips.
  • Package: The usual lipstick twist up case packaging with the brand name Jordana  printed on it. The cap is transparent making it easy to identify the color.

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Jordana Lipstick Natural  Swatches:-

Jordana Lipstick in Natural Review+ jordana lipstick natural swatch

  • Texture: Texture is very moisturizing on the lips. It does not feel heavy. But recently I developed dry lips and this lipstick is adding more to the dryness. I find bits of pink dry flakes on my lips after about 2 hours. This means, the lipstick is not going well with dry lips. You will have to help your dry lips before using this lipstick from Jordana.
  • Staying Power: It stays on lips for about 4 hours without fading on a non dry lip.

Jordana Lipstick in Natural Review+ jordana lipstick swatch

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Apart from troubled use on the dry lips, I have no complaint about this lipstick. It becomes a responsibility from my side to pacify my dry lips. So, the lipstick is not to be blamed.

Rating: 4.5/5


What I like about Jordana Lipstick Natural:-


  • Easy twist up package.
  • Clear transparent cap that makes it easy to choose the color.
  • Very cheap in its price.
  • Nice complete coverage with just 2 swipes.
  • Moisturizes the lips well.
  • It has a fruit candy lollipop smell.
  • What I do not like about Jordana Lipstick in Natural:-


  • It is drying my dry lips more.

Recommendation: Yes. There are nice shades in this range. I am eyeing another lippie from Jordana named as Bare. (Something like Bare, cannot remember the exact name)

Have you tried Jordana Lipstick in Natural?

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    • Petrol….!!!!!! WHoooo….how come!!!!! The smell is fine for me, its like a candy.
      Drying.yeah…nowadays its drying for me…SOme time ago it was perfect on my lips. Now that my lips have dried… 🙁

  1. 149!! I want to try this out but the drying out factor is making me give a second thought since, if a product reacts to your lips it may dry them out too . So, have to check it out first


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