Jordana Matte color Pink Passion Review


Jordana Matte Color Pink Passion

There are times when you know you can barely pull off a color, but when you can you feel like a genius. Happens with me and pinks. My lips aren’t really meant to carry off pinks much, but when I can I feel like a genius. That is why, when I found this matte pink shade, I decided to give it a whirl.

Jordana Matte color Pink Passion Review+Jordana Lipsicks Review online


The packaging of this lipstick is slightly cheap, in my opinion. I personally like heavy, or funkier packaging. This one made me think of some of the colors I used to buy as a kid from the streets. The lipstick is okay to carry, though, as it is quite travel-friendly, and can be easily put inside a purse.

  • Price: $1.30
  • Quantity: 3.4 gm.

Jordana Matte color Pink Passion Review+Affordable Pink Lipsticks


I do not like the fact that the lipstick does not come with a list of ingredients or an outer packaging where they are listed. However, the color is a true blue-toned pink, towards the light side, so will wash out people with darker skin.

I like the brand Jordana. They make affordable products which till date has not broken me out. That said, I would say that their formulas leave a bit to be desired. It does not bleed and stays for 4-5 hours if you do not eat and/or drink. It does leave a light pink stain which looks great on my lips, so I am not complaining. However, for me, this matte shade had a big problem. My generally never-chap lips chapped when I applied it and yes, so Jordana needs to work on the hydration part big time. So, for the winter season, I have decided to put it inside my fridge and wait out the months before I restart using it during summer. If you think I am crazy, well, you are entitled to the opinion. However, my skin is God and I have no wish to ruin it.

Jordana Matte Color Pink Passion Swatches:-



Jordana Matte color Pink Passion Review+Baby Pink Lipstick Swatch


The color is perfect for daywear, and I like using it with a lip liner at times, to make sure the color stays on proper. However, girls over NC 41-42 might not suit it all that much. I personally find this more of a fair-skinned girl color.


Jordana Matte color Pink Passion Lip Swatch:-

Jordana Matte color Pink Passion Review+Jordana Matte Pink +Pink Passion+ Lipswatch



What I liked about Jordana Matte Color Pink Passion Lipstick:-


  • Nice summery/daytime color
  • Travel-friendly
  • Does not bleed
  • Stays for 4-5 hours easily


What I do not like about Jordana Matte Color Pink Passion Lipstick:-

  • Chapped my lips
  • Packaging looks cheap
  • Will wash out people with darker skin
  • No list of ingredients

Verdict: 2.75/5

Overall, I would want this formula to improve big time before I get another one.


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  1. You can check out a similar shade from Oriflame called – Vintage Rose, you might like it! 🙂
    Too bad its drying 🙁 Colorbar velvet mattes have the same kinda effect on me

  2. drying lippie ? No way iam going near it .. i dont go for matte shades at all .. and hence stopped with 1 Velvet matte lippie .. though the colors are really good, they dry me off ..

  3. Wot m liking so much about this is that despite being labelled as Katta it doesn’t l so and it lks so moisturising….matte doesn’t suit me at all so tis is wonderful..


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