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I like saving my old make up products. I can never have a heart to throw them on the expiry and believe me I don’t care about the expiry date until a particular product turns into a weird color or odour. Then I know this has gone bad and its time to throw it in the bin. One of the oldest products I have is JORDANA BLUSH BRONZE which is a bronzer for me; I dare not wear it as a blush. Someone who is fair can definitely wear it as a blush Not Me.  I have very few or Wait! Let me count- Yes, I have only 2 bronzers. One is the LA Colors bronzer and the other one is this, I was never much into contouring but these days I don’t go without contouring my face.  I don’t know if it happens with you, but once you learn something new, you tend to keep on doing it for sometime till you exhaust yourself. This is what is happening to me after I learnt contouring ::P

Jordana Powder Blush+make up brands

  • Price – Rs. 229

About Jordana Powder Blush Bronze:-

Jordana Powder Blush is indulged with Velvety-Smooth Formula. So, If you are looking for a velvety-smooth blush, Jordana’s Powder Blush is a best bet for you. This silky smooth blush melds into the skin for an incredibly natural, youthful, refreshed & smoother-looking skin. It blends very easily & radiates your cheeks when you smile and gives your cheeks a healthy glow color that looks very natural.

Jordana Powder Blush Review+best makeup

My Experience with Jordana Blush Bronze –

Jordana has the best range of products and one of their best invention is the blushes. The texture is  matte to slight shimmery of the blushes and they have a good range of shades. Most of them can be worn everyday.

Jordana Powder Blush Bronze Review+best make up

The application is smooth with these blushes. My personal favourites are touch of pink, coral sandy, terracotta, redwood, blushing rose and of coz Jordana blush in Bronze which is not a blush but bronzer for me. This will look really great on fair skin beauties as a blush. However, for a medium-dusky chic like me, should not use it as a blush. Instead, its an amazing bronzer for all skintones.  It helps in getting the right sculpted face. However, one should use this shade light handed and avoid taking too much of product or one can go overboard with this shade.  I have used this shade as an eyeshadow and it looks simply gorgeous on the eyes. With the primer the color comes out like a sunset bronze on the eyes. This looks extremely pretty. The staying power is 5-6hrs easily on cheeks. Its highly pigmented so make sure you take less powder on the brush. There is no con as such but I think one do expect a brush if not the mirror for the price we pay for it. But Its ok as far as the product is good I don’t mind such minor things. Anyway, who uses the brush that comes with the blushes .

Jordana Powder Blush Bronze Hand Swatch+best blush+makeup blush

Jordana Powder Blush Review Hand Swatch+cheap make up+blush color

What I like about Jordana Blush Bronze:–

  • 3 in 1 product, blush, bronzer and eyeshadow
  • Will make a good blush for fair skintones
  • Highly pigmented
  • Staying power is 5-6hrs
  • A great bronzer for all skintones
  • Smooth texture to work with
  • Affordable

What I don’t like about Jordana Blush bronze-

  • Availability
  • No brush or mirror (some may find it a con)

Ratings – 4.5/5

Will I recommend this product – Absolutely! They have best of blushes which can be worn everyday as well as on occasions. With good color pay off, staying power and shades, they make a best buy.

Have you tried Jordana Powder Blush Bronze?

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  1. m a lil confused how to use blush..snywaz o once used jordana blush…n its shade was awesm…i don remmb how long it stayed

  2. perfect for indian skin!! amazing pick Ric..n me too..i dont throw things out just after 2yrs..i throw it out only if it changes color or texture..warna i cnt bring mysel to throw it out 🙂

  3. I have been on the lookout for a good bronzer to help me contour my face..but I’m not on the lookout for something too shimmery or too flat matte..this seems like a good choice in between! and at 230 bucks it’s really affordable! Will definitely try it out! 🙂


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