Jordana Quickliner Eyes Foxy Brown Review, Swatch


Claims about Jordana QuickLiner Eyes:

  • Retractable – No sharpening required
  • No break formula, firm enough to outline
  • Soft enough to glide on smoothly
  • Precision tip outlines & accentuates
  • Value priced

Jordana Quickliner Eyes Foxy Brown review+ jordana

Quick Liner Eyes Pencil by Jordana defines like a pencil glides on smoothly like liquid eyeliner.  It gives your beautiful eyes rich color in just one stroke. The pencil blends well after application. It lasts for longer time and does not bleed. These come with no-break formula. Apply your Jordana’s Quick Liner Eyes Pencil appropriately to give your eyes a more dramatic look and make these look bigger. It is extremely easy to apply. The eyes pencil comes in many rich colors and is available in .006oz/.185g.


Price and Quantity: Price:  Rs.150 for 0.185 g

Jordana Quickliner Eyes Foxy Brown review+ jordana+ brown eyeliner

My experience with Jordana Quickliner Eyes Pencil:

Jordana claims so high about about its Quickliner Eyes Pencil product that anyone who goes by the description would buy instantly all the colors of this range. Actually I wanted so many shades in the pencil liner form. But wisely, I thought of giving just one color a try and then proceed with other shades.


My brown pencil eyeliner hunt is still on. This product from Jordana is a perfect waste. The pencil is a retractable one with no sharpening required. I love retractable pencils. A plastic pencil whose body color is same as that of the eyeliner shade and a cream colored cap.

Jordana Quickliner Eyes Foxy Brown review+ jordana cosmetics

The product is simple hard to even glide on the sensitive eye skin. There is so much of tugging and the swiping on the upper lash line can never be completed with ease. Even with hard swiping the color does not show up. Many attempts of swipes give a little color which is just same as the skin color.

I do not know how long it stays. The product is not worth observing its staying power.

Jordana Quickliner Eyes Foxy Brown review+ jordana foxy brown swatch

On the hands it is just easy to swipe. But the color does not show up very neatly. At least 5 swipes are needed even on the hands for the brown to come up. At the price of Rs.150, the product should have been at least average. Jordana pencil eyeliners are not even worth glancing at….


Rating: 1/5

Jordana Quickliner Eyes Foxy Brown review+ jordana brown eyeliner swatch

What I like about Jordana Quickliner Eyes Pencil:

  • Cheaply priced product.
  • Retractable pencil, no sharpening required.
  • Sturdy plastic packaging.


What I do not like about Jordana Quickliner Eyes Pencil:

  • Color does not show up on the lash line of the eyes.
  • There is lot of tugging when you attempt to swipe on the eyes.
  • The product is very hard.
  • The product does not glide well.


Will I buy Jordana Quickliner Eyes Pencil again? No.


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