Jordana Bright Retractable Eye Liner Pink, Orange & Green Review & Swatches


Jordana Retractable Eye Liner Review

The reason I bought these eyeliners was to avail the free shipping from NYX cosmetics .There were available in many shades and looked pretty in the picture so without any clue I randomly chose few and placed my order.


Jordana eye liner pencil green pink and orange


About Jordana bright eyes retractable eyeliner:-


  • Highly Pigmented with True Color Payoff
  • Silky-Smooth Soft Glide Formula
  • All-Day Wear
  • Made In USA
  • Price – $1.99
  • Shades – Available in six shades



Jordana retractable eyeliner price+Jordana eyeliner pencil reviews


These eyeliners were lying in one corner of my vanity since long as I didn’t have much of expectations from them .Come on! They were just of $2 which is INR 100 in India.But once I was looking for green eyeliner and suddenly picked this up and it  turned out to be ok-ish.

Thereafter my rendezvous with Jordana eyeliner took place and after some testing I find them below average. I only liked the shade green in it which has decent pigmentation and looked pretty rest two didn’t suit me as an eyeliner.


jordana retractable orange green pink eyeliner swatches+jordana eyeliners


Jordana Retractable Eyeliner Pink, Orange & Green Swatches:-

I have swiped this eyeliner 3-4 times here.Pigmentation can be built up and they do show on my upper lashline but the staying power is bad. These eyeliner won’t look as bright as they claim to be.

In orange shade I still had to do some tugging and pulling  but rest too were smooth in application.


Jordana retractable eyeliner orange green pink swatches (2)


Best way to use these eyeliners is to use them as a base especially pink and orange which makes  these neon shade pop.I will definitely not recommend them using on water line as you will need to use some force so that they can show up.I once tried it and had to swipe it some 3-4 times to show up on waterline.

Pink here looks like more of a milky pink and orange as milky orange on my upper lashline .


Jordana retractable eyeliner orange green pink swatches


 What I like about Jordana Retractable Eyeliner :-


  • No sharpening
  • Quiet cheap
  • Available in many shades
  • Work nicely as a shadow base

What I do not like about Jordana Retractable Eyeliner:-


  • There is tugging and pulling involved in orange and pink
  • Staying power is not that great
  • Shade don’t show up on water line
  • Not easily available
Will I recommend it to others – Jordana eyeliner cost 200 in India and there are many other brands who produce much better eyeliner in this range.So it’s a No from my side .
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  1. As u said they are below average but still they are so attractive and colorful, I want atleast one of them.In which site r they available Ana?


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