Jovees Cucumber Skin Toner Review


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Hello everyone ,

Today I am going to review Jovees Cucumber skin toner. I brought this product with Jovees Veg peel pack as it was required to be used together on recommendation from a website. Lets see how it fared on me :

What the product claims 🙁 from website )

Cucumber Skin Toner / Astringent
(all skin types)

Cucumber Skin Toner cum Astringent refreshes & tones skin without stripping natural oils. This toner encourages cell regeneration & soothes any irritation. It increases skin’s ability to retain moisture, removes excess oils & helps to minimize enlarged pores to leave skin clean & clear.

Price : 150 RS 100 ml

Jovees Cucumber Skin Toner Review

Active ingredients : Cucumber Extract, Sage, Aloe Vera and Chamomile

As you can see in the picture the toner is green in colour. Not just from outside the bottle but also the liquid which you see on my hand is pretty green in colour which on 1st appearance made me feel it was artificial. Anyways the point was I had brought it to be used with veg peel pack but for this review I used it for 2 days(4 times) now but could not tolerate it more than that.

Why ? here it is

On its own the toner is sticky kind like after a hard day , you have your face wash and then you apply this toner and you would instantly realize 3 things good one it is cool and artificial but cucumber smell and third bad point it forms a film kind of thing on your face. Before this I never had specific toner but I always used dabur rose water + few drops of tea tree oil and made a customized toner that always made me feel fresh, so compared to that this film kind of feeling was not nice L.

Moving ahead I continued applying it and a bad thing came I don’t know why but it kind of gave a slight irritation feeling around my nose. This had happened before since I had brought this for VEG PEEL Pack and everytime I mixed both and applied I felt a irritation thing esp around my nose later I stopped using this with pack so today on applying this solely I knew somehow or may be I’m a rare case whose around nose area is sensitive or has big open pores L so had a slight sensation again. The good thing was it rested after some 10 seconds under fan.


Jovees Cucumber Skin Toner Review

I used this four  times and every time I had similar feeling. Plus when I used it in morning it could not control too much of oiliness that I have in Tzone max 1 to 1 n half hour which was equivalent to my custom made toner at home. So I just felt it is not worth 105 Rs.

I don’t know why I had that sensation because the one on whose recommendation I brought this did not have any such reaction but then again not every body skin is same may be it would have done something good had I used it longer but I didn’t have any patience to tolerate it more than that.

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What I liked about Jovees Cucumber Skin Toner


  • I don’t know may be just that it felt cool.


 What I do not liked about Jovees Cucumber skin toners


  • forms a film on face.
  • artificial color and smell does not make me feel its herbal
  •  Active ingredient list made it dubious. I am doubting it has alcohol that irritated my sensitive area.
  • that sensation around my nose
  • 105 for 1 hr oil control too much even my regular rose water can do that.


Will I buy this:

NO never. Infact I would never recommend this for a buy. I’d rather buy aroma magic toner have heard good reviews of the same. But I still doubt toners can do too much for open pores after much thought I think it can only control then for sometime.

Have you tried Jovees Cucumber  Skin Toner?

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  1. Thanks for warning…i dont like toners that leave a film behind…thts exactly why i dont like even the Himalaya toner, but i use such disastrous toners in my facepacks, instead of rose water to finish them up

  2. Hi, Pls suggest me a good toner for combination skin..but not very expensive….btw..the reviews of this site really help me to choose products..thanks a lot..


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