Jovees Hair Pack Review


Post by Zara

Hi All,

I picked this up randomly 3months earlier from a local supermarket. I didn’t have much faith in Jovees since I’m allergic to most of their skincare products but this turned out to be quite a surprise.

Jovees Hair Pack

What does the Company claim about this hair pack??

Jovees Hair Pack Claims

Quantity: 200gms

Jovees Hair Pack Ingredients:
Jovees Hair Pack Ingredients

Price: 155 INR…You can buy the same on Amazon here.

Method of Use:

Jovees Hair Pack Method of Use

Packaging – This comes in a squeezy tube form which is very hygienic. It has a screw top lid. The lid is quite secure and would be easy to carry during travel.

Texture – The texture is extremely thick and grainy. As visible in the below picture, the pack itself is the color of henna (Dark brown). The tube has to be shaken properly before use since some of the liquid settles and may dribble out while squeezing.

Jovees Hair Pack Review

Fragrance – This paste has a very strong henna and amla fragrance. It might be too strong for those with sensitive noses but it didn’t bother me. I found it quite relaxing in fact.

My Experience with Jovees Hair Pack –

I just squeeze out the required amount of the hair pack and add water to it and apply. I have been told that we can also add yogurt, but I haven’t done so till now. I just apply this mixture on my scalp thoroughly in the roots. I then wait for about 45mins before rinsing it out. But beware girls, since this does tend to get really messy. Whenever I use this, my bathroom gets in dire need of a good scrubbing. So it’s quite a pain to use this. But the end result is totally worth it. After washing off my hair becomes so soft and manageable for about 2 to 2.5 weeks. It doesn’t turn my hair brown which I’m most happy about and nourishes my hair well. I have frizzy hair and this pack helps control the same. I would recommend this hair pack to everyone who loves DIY packs 🙂


Jovees Hair Pack Swatches

What I Like About Jovees Hair Pack:  

  • Its one of the few hair packs I’ve used which actually works
  • It doesn’t turn my hair brown 🙂
  • Simple application. Not much of pouring and mixing required.
  • The tube packaging makes it very hygienic
  • This is one of the few things that helps me control my frizzy hair
  • Has helped reduce oiliness on my scalp
  • Makes my hair all Shiny and soft!! 🙂
  • Decently priced. I have used this about 4 times till date and I have more than ½ the tube left.

What I don’t like about Jovees Hair Pack

  • Very messy during application AND washing off. You absolutely have to clean your bathroom after using this.
  • Takes a lot of time to rinse off
  • Availability…I haven’t seen this at any store after that one time 🙁

Will I buy it again: Absolutely yes…If I can find it.

WiseShe Rating: 4/5 ( -1 for the mess I have to clean up after washing 😉


      • hi zara. nice review. i didnt know such a product existed. will love to try. just one question. i have lil dry scalp so will it make it more dry???

        • yes Ashu i do think it wud make the scalp dry..i have an oily scalp and after using this my scalp becomes normal….so i think it wud make dry scalps even more dry….

          plus it has henna which does suck the moisture from the scalp…unless u add curd…alot of ppl do that…so that may help retain moisture ..

  1. Hey Zara…. have seen this here in Bangalore.. but since it has henna never bothered to pick it up!!! 🙁 Is this better than biolage??

    • Hey Mals…well, u kno i cant say its better..but it has less chemicals..i use this alternatively….Biolage does make my hair smoother for sure…but i get some hairfall with it which doesnt happen with this jovees one…so its a toss between both really..i do like them both lots tho..cant pick…

      • Hey Zee… I saw this at the supermarket today and remembered you… and picked it up 🙂 Shall try it out soon!!! Do you wash it off with shampoo or just water?

  2. hey mokp..this is really really gud…and its pakka worth a buy..

    i havent tried rinsing it off in a bucket…shud try it next time!..thanks for th suggestion babes.. :-* :-*

    • i have tried the pink wala but i dont kno the name unfortunately…but l’oreal hair conditioning creams dont suit me..nor do their shampoos…i only use their serum…

  3. have anyone experienced hair growth after using this product? and does it really requires Jovees Henna & GInseng shampoo as stated in the product?

  4. hello gurls..from what i know the jovees pack doesnt contain henna… its just got palas beej, bhringaraj, jatamansi and amla… just bought it.. can someone please let me know how many times do i use per week or something… and how many times before i get the results promised..

  5. HI Zara
    As u said loreal doesnt suit u, it is teh same case for me as well. All big brands doesnt suit me. One and only sunsilk taht too black shapoo suits my hair. My parlour walii suggested me to go for this joves hair pack, as my hair is too oily – within 24hrs of wash my hair becums oils 🙁 , at that time i was not sure about this pack, but now iam gonna surely try this. Can u plz suggest me how many times a week i sld apply and what all i need to mix with this pack for much better results for oily hair. thank u in advance. 🙂 Njoy maadiii … i have seen this hair pack in ayur shop… getting this hair pack is not a big problem for me.

  6. Hey. I did try it recently. The problem I face is it is very difficult to apply it to scalp because it keeps drying and falling off, doesn’t it??

  7. hi zara,
    i have one doubt…. my hair becoming vry oily aft 2days of wash my hair… bt except scalp my hair looking vry dry… wat to do… may i use dis product r nt… n also am having grey hair.. 🙁
    plz suggest me… 🙁

  8. Hey All.

    Not sure to go for this or not …first thing my hairs were always soft but now its getting thin. using jovees wont it soft them more n which inturn thin the hair….

  9. Hi zara.. i got this a year ago for 165 rs. .. i think they increased prices in 2015.. due to sheer laziness and thankfully pretty good hair, i havent tried it till date.. still lying in my shelf .. can u tell me if rinsing with shampoo after applying this pack and not with just water the samw day will dilute its effect ? i was wondering if i can shampoo same day or have to wait till next day… thx fr ur review and looking to read ur reply


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