Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review


Jovees Rose Skin Toner

Hi friends,

Toner is something that we need all year around and everyday in our skin care routine. So I have tried some 4-5 toners till now, out of which this jovees one I am going to review today.  Since rose water has always worked very well for me and this is a rose skin toner, so I picked it up in a hope that it will work as great for my skin. Now was it worth or not, read on to find out.


Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review+facial skin care


  • Price: Rupees 170.You can buy it online.
  • Quantity: 200 ml

About Jovees Rose Skin Toner:

Jovees rose skin toner cum astringent enlivens skin with special botanical extracts that includes Rose petals, lemongrass, chamomile and sage helps normalize pH balance of skin, increases skin’s ability to retain moisture, removes excess oils and helps to minimise enlarged pores to leave skin clean and clear.

Method of use:

Clean face preferably with jovees strawberry or tea tree face wash and pat dry. Pour a few drops of rose skin toner on cotton balls and dab on face and neck. Use twice daily.

Active ingredients:

Rose petals, sage, lemon grass, chamomile.


Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review Details+skin care


My experience about Jovees Rose Skin Toner:

It comes in a big transparent plastic bottle with red colored liquid inside. It has a spray nozzle with a small transparent cap. I liked the spray nozzle in the toner because that way I could spray it directly on my face sometime for freshness.


Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review Spray Nozzle+facial skin care product


When I used it for the first time, I obediently went by the instructions and washed my face with jovees strawberry face wash first. (Otherwise I do not obey these cosmetic companies and use my own products but this time I thought I should try it 😛 ) Then, I sprayed it on the cotton ball and swiped it on my face gently. I could see all the dirt, which accumulated during the day, getting removed but after 2 minutes of application, it started stinging on my facial skin badly. It continued stinging for next 5-10 minutes. I thought, maybe it was for this time only so I still did not give up on this. I tried it 2 times more, with and without face wash and it was still the same. I was feeling terrible; it was not bearable. So this was it, I stopped using it on my face. Though it smells really good like actual Indian roses but then I could not use it just for the fragrance. I wish I could comment on facial tightening or toning but I could not dare to use it beyond that. I mean I do not have super sensitive skin too and moreover I knew it was toner cum astringent, so it will give a mild tingling sensation, but it did sting badly.


Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review Package+sensitive skin care


After some days, I saw it lying in my almira and thought over it once again. I sprayed it on my arms and it did not sting at all. In fact it behaved like my body mist; giving out mild fragrance and evaporating in seconds after spraying. So, ting ting tiding, I started using it on my arms and legs for refreshment. It gives out a wonderful very mild rose fragrance and I love it that ways.

What I like about Jovees Rose Skin Toner:

  • Big plastic bottle and spray mechanism.
  • Nice refreshing mild rose fragrance.
  • Ingredients seem interesting.
  • Can be used to serve as a good body mist.

What I don’t like about Jovees Rose Skin Toner:

  • It stings on face badly.
  • Full list of ingredients not mentioned.

Rating: as a toner cum astringent- 1/5, As a mist- 4/5

Love you all!

Have you tried Jovees Rose Skin Toner ?



  1. OMG it Stings !!
    nice Ashu u reviewed it. on the other day, the SA pestered me to buy this toner.
    chambor’s toner is too good and I love it


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