Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot SPF 45 Review


Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot Spf 45


With every passing day the heat is becoming unbearable both for me as well as for my skin. Sweating can still be tolerated and reduced via home remedies but removing tan is a tedious job. One has to follow the home remedies religiously for a long period of time to get results. Tan is still curable but freckles and pigmentation caused by the sun is something that is most difficult to get rid of. In short prevention is better than cure, so I make it a point to apply sun block everyday without fail and also carry one in my handbag. Here is one from my stash. Keep reading to explore the product.


Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot Spf 45


About Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot Spf 45:

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Price: 165 INR for 50g

Smell and consistency: The fragrance is not so mild but yes it is very appleaing. I do not think it will bother sensitive noses. The consistency is extremely thick which makes this difficult to apply without pulling the skin apart.

Packaging: It comes packed in a nice white opaque plastic tube with a yellow cap attached to it. Under the flip open cap there is an opening to get access to the sunblock.

My Take onJovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot Spf 45:

The first thing that attracted me to this sun block was that it consists extracts of anjeer and carrot and anjeer happens to be my favorite among dry fruits 😛 I This was my first sunblock and I wanted something desperately to save my skin from further tanning because the sunscreen I was using could not serve this purpose although it had a high spf value. The claims of this sunblock are –sweat proof, water resistant, improve complexion and maintain moisture balance. I sweat a lot so my prime concerns were the first two besides being a savior from the harsh rays of the sun.


Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot


This sunblock has a thick texture which needs efforts to apply it on the skin and you cannot do it without pulling your skin apart. In fact the consistency is such that it is difficult to make my skin absorb it properly. Even the layer it puts on my skin leaves a whitish thick layer at the sides of my face where I have more facial hair. This is the first thing which I did not like about this sunblock as everyone keeps pointing out at me to use face wipes and keep cleaning the sides of my face whenever I am wearing this.

As a sunblock it is successful as I have not returned home with tan or sun burns whenever I have worn it but it does cause sweat. In fact it sits like a thick protective layer on the skin. Fortunately it does not give whitish cast in pictures but in person the product is clearly visible as it is difficult to blend into the skin. The heavy feeling of its thick layer creates more sweat too. I thought that it might melt a bit in summers but it did not, so in short I really do not know in which season I am supposed to apply this.


Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot swatch


Last but not the least, it gives a semi matte look to the face and this effect stays on and on solely on non humid days. 🙂

Summing it up:

What I like about Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot Spf 45:

  • Successful as a sun block with spf 45
  • Moisturizing for normal and combination skin.
  • Gives a semi matte finish
  • No whitish cast in pictures

What I don’t like about Jovees Sunblock Anjeer Carrot Spf 45:

  • Extremely thick consistency
  • Does not blend into the skin
  • Gives a heavy feeling to the skin
  • Causes sweating
  • The layer of sunblock is visible in person

Overall verdict: In all this is not something I would recommend to anyone especially if you sweat a lot and stay in a humid place. I know diehard fans of Jovees must be sad to know about this but even if you think of picking this up remember to try it on your face and take a stroll in the market before making purchase to analyze how it reacts on your skin. Hope you find my review useful 🙂

rating: 2.5/5

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