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What the  Jovees products claims ( from website)

Veg peel from Jovees is a excellent formulation that will help to minimize scars caused by acne, pimples, burns, tanning and pigmentation and make skin look visibly clear and even tone. It also helps in removing dead cells, black heads.

  • Ingredient list: In picture below
  • Price: 155 Rs 100grams.You can get the product from here
  • Background: I have a combination skin t zone oily and sensitive pimple prone skin. I am giving this info because I know most pimple prone skin people are scared of scrubbing. So my background should make you comfortable about this product.

Well I brought this product with recommendation from someone who claimed this to be almost like magic product. It didn’t fare as good as magic product but yes it is good. Lets see why.

Joves veg peel pack review+Joves veg peel reviewPicture source :Google



It comes in a round tub. When you open it, inside comes a plastic in which this dust is filled.
This was supposed to be used with jovees cucumber toner so I brought even that.I have 3 experiences with this product. Here they go:

 Dare One :D:D

I followed whatever they wanted me to do  🙁 which was a bad idea 🙁

The product was to be used with cucumber toner. And had to be scrubbed twice. 1st while applying scrub for 3-4 minutess then let pack stay for 10 mins then wet again and scrub for 2-3 mins. I did as they said. HELL MY FACE WAS BURNING L

Guess what next day I had BAD allergies I mean so bad you cannot even dream of it. I had to take avil to rest it down. Uff !!

Jovees Veg Peel Pack Review

Dare Two: (after long time) 😀

I knew my skin is sensitive I cannot scrub twice. So I just mixed dust+toner applied, there was a sensation tingling kind of which settled after some 10 – 20 secs then just washed it off. My black heads didn’t go nothing dramatic just a chalky white face a bit fresh kind of. At least no allergies. Used this way some 2-3 times saw slight sensation continued so found a new way.

 Dare Three: (next time after gaining some courage) 😀

I mixed dust with my rose water because I felt toner could be the cause of sensation. Then let it stay as face pack for 10 mins then made it wet then slowly scrubbed face with VERY light hands.

Now this time there was no burning sensation + my face seemed brightened nicely blackheads hadn’t gone completely but some definitely reduced. After doing this way 3-4 times I saw a big pimple mark on my face was slowly fading away. I don’t know if it is only this pack or with time it is fading but yes the speed of its disappearance increased after using this pack.

So thumbs up after some initial failures this pack started working for me :D.

If you see the product it is looks like dust on my hand . Almost like chalk dust also quiet smells like it.

Jovees veg peel face pack reviews


What I liked about Jovees Peel Pack

  • Works for marks slowly and steadily for me.
  • Dust scrub little would go for long time.
  • Price reasonable.
  • Scrub + face pack in one I like it.


What I do not like about Jovees Veg Peel Pack


  • Harsh granules don’t scrub hard never.
  • I felt the toner didn’t work for me. I didn’t need it wasted money on it.
  • Dust tends to be messy when you open the pack to take it out.

 Will I buy: Yes I will though this will go for a long time. I have found my way to make it work. No a magic product yet it is good as scrub + facepack. I’d buy it if it ends.

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  1. Oh Boy! Shreya!! u actually had the guts to try this multiple times to get it right?? I a[pplaud ur patience..i wud have thrown this out after the first fiasco itself..Awesome review..

    So i guess we can say that the toner is scrappy …hehe..

  2. zara u just said what i was gonna type! shit that expirience must ave been scary!! i wudnt have had tried it again 😕 i have smewhat similar skin type.. good that it worked later! 🙂

  3. he he i dont know what to reply to the daring stuff you guys are saying 😛 guess i just wanted this product to work and tried it in different ways 🙂

    btw i got my 1st book from flipkart 🙂 me so happy 😀

    • that is what was confusing me some people claimed it was gr8 for them what is going wrong with me then somehow i found out what works for me 😀 so paisa wasool ho gaya 😛

  4. wow vertika so good it works for you with toner ? the toner doesnt slightly tinge you ? i minus the toner then it worked with me .. when i use tomer alone my nose part is so sensitive it still tingles for few seconds… i have sent anamika review of the toner too but my experience was a l’ll diff. i guess not everybody’s skin needs are diff. hai na ? 🙂

    • yes..but with rose toner…wise hardly any jovees things ever suit me..i can only use their hair pack…everything else breaks me out…

    • i also used t think the same…when it just came out i used t think that using it wud make a layer of skin literally peel off..and then the user wud have t stay in confinementuntil they healed..hehe…so and my wild imagination..


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