Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face Pack Review


Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face Pack


I am a fan of Anushka Sharma- her effervescence, her bubbly attitude, her acting and yes her looks. So one day when I saw her endorsing Joy products in one advertisement I was like curious to try out this brand. When I visited one beauty store at my locality I find this face pack on the front display stack, out of curiosity I picked this product and when I saw Tea Tree Oil, Turmeric, Neem and Chamomile in the ingredient list which sounds great for someone with super oily skin, I decided to give this pack a shot.


Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face Pack


About Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face Pack :

New Joy Turmeric Neem Anti-Blemish Purifying Face Pack with Tea Tree Oil is formulated with active ingredients which quickly unclogs pores, so skin stays healthy and blemish free.


  • Enriched with the goodness of herbal ingredients- Turmeric and Neem.
  • Anti-blemish Purifying Face Pack.
  • Formulated with active ingredients like Tea Tree to quickly and gently unclog pores.
  • Skin stays healthy and blemish free.


Joy Purifying Face Pack Turmeric Neem


Directions for use:

Moisten face, neck and other parts of the body. Apply with wet hands and massage gently on the skin (avoiding the eye region). Allow the pack to dry. Rinse well, pat dry and moisturize with Joy Skin Fruits Massage Cream

Shelf life: 2 years from

Packaging: Product is housed in white opaque tube with green flip open cap.

Quantity and Price: 20 ml @Rs.20/- and 60 ml. @Rs.60/-



Joy Purifying Face Pack Ingredients


Texture and smell: The pack is white in colour and creamy in consistency which spreads easily on skin and once dried is easy to wash off. The fragrance is a bit on artificial side which is neither subtle nor very strong.

My take on Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face Pack:

I must admit that I picked up this product with high expectations looking at the wonderful ingredient list- but boy I was wrong. I generally use a product at least for a month or so my-self before posting its review on the blog- and so is the case with this pack.

I am using this face pack for more than a month and am fairly disappointed with this product. First of all this pack is neither clearing my existing acne nor did any trick to prevent new breakout.


Joy Turmeric Neem Face Pack


Whenever I spread this face pack on my face it starts stinging my skin however after say 4-5 minutes my skin gets used to it. It contains Tea Tree extracts, Neem extracts and Salicylic acid– everything which is anti-acne ingredient so naturally we expect it to work wonders on our zits but nope nothing of that sort happen to me- maybe it is effective on others but for me it is a total dud.

However after washing it off from my face I feel my skin deeply cleansed and a super temporary glow which disappears like sparks dropped into wet grass-so all in all I am disappointed with the product.


Joy Turmeric Neem FacePack swatch


What I like about Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face Pack:

  • Dirt Cheap.
  • Easily available.
  • Interesting ingredient list.
  • Travel friendly sleek packaging.
  • Creamy, hence easy to apply.

What I don’t like about Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face Pack:

  • False claims of being Pure Herbal- it contains loads of chemicals.
  • Contains Paraben.
  • Stings skin after use.
  • Doesn’t work on acne-neither clearing it nor preventing it.
  • Weird smell.
  • Ineffective as a face pack.

Rating: 2 on a scale of 5.

Shall I recommend it? No I don’t, although Iam not sure whether it will be as ineffective as what I have experienced yet I will not recommend it to others as it has not at all worked for me.

Have you tried Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face Pack?

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  1. Very detailed review! I got this free with some Joy product but never got around to using it. After review, I suppose it was for the best.. :p

  2. Oh dats so sad it didn’t work..! I don’t understand why celebrities endorse such dud products without knowing about its effectiveness.! :confused:
    Poor got disappointed with this..! 🙁

  3. Yes Iru, am disappointed yar.
    And one more thing tried Aloe Vera pack today itself and pleasently amazed with the results. Thanx for sharing honey :-*


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