Jungle Magic Crawlly EDP for Kids Review


Here comes my 1st ever review on a perfume that to a perfume for kids.  We all love to smell good 24/7 and now as the generations is , even small kids want to spray and try our perfumes and deos while going out. Whenever I use to spray some perfume or deo my son use to say” Mumma mujhe bhi laga do”.


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Then after seeing the advertise in television I thought of giving these cute kids perfumes a try and bought Crawlly from the range for my son.

About Jungle Magic Crawlly EDP for kids:-


Children have the great gift of innocence; of being able to believe in magic and think of the world as a haven of all things delightful. They see the good in everything and it takes very little to bring a bright, toothy smile on their faces. Give your child the adorable gift of Jungle Magic Crawlly and be rewarded with one such cutesy smile. This mass premium, created out of the essence of green apples, not only leaves the child swathed in a cocoon of freshness the entire day but also has properties of improving concentration and alertness of the mind. Packed in a cute green bottle shaped like a caterpillar, the Eau de Parfum is sure to liven up your child and keep them occupied for hours. Let the cozy and luscious bouquet of Jungle Magic Crawlly soothe your precious child and carry them off into a magical world of simple joys.

  • Price: Rs. 250/-
  • Quantity: 60ml



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Jungle Magic Perfumes comes in 4 to 5 variants with different fruity smells. My son opted for green apple and the packaging is green colored glass bottle shaped like a caterpillar with a cute cap.

Crawlly has the scent of green apple and smells delicious. At first my son loved it and sprayed it whenever he use to go for his lawn tennis classes, but then his taste changed and again tilted towards his Dad’s perfumes.


Jungle Magic Crawlly EDP for Kids Review Package+eau de parfum


Now the “Bechara Crawlly” was left alone till I thought of using it , I sprayed at night before going for sleep and when I got up next morning , the smell had turned to be a fantastic fruity smell, which gave me the proof that it has a long lasting smell. From that day I have been using it much more than my son uses it.


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  1. I luuvvvv kids perfumes..they don’t smell like their full of alcohol and r mild enough..not something I’d use in summers ut yes..fr winters I’d luv this too..n that bottle is sooooooo sweet!

  2. Aww i love using kids stuff too since i get to try the best fruity fragrances. This is so cute Nav :cute: At first, i thought it was some water bottle :silly:

  3. I have the penguin (blue) shaped perfume for my 5 yr old daughter… should try it on me…. there is another dog (red) shaped one too…

    Also have a lip balm especially for kids (strawberry flavoured) from Avon…..

    So many kid cosmos….


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