Just Herbs Af’fair Skin Lightening Night Cream Review



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Just Herbs Af’fair Skin Lightening Night Cream

Night cream is of utmost important for me in my skincare routine and an organic cream is always my preference. Today is shall review Just Herbs Af’fair Fumittory-Liquorice Skin Lightening Night Cream.

I was very happy on having found a Just Herbs Night cream in my Fab Bag- Diwali edition. Did my happiness continued after its usage.


Just Herbs Af’fair Fumittory-Liquorice Skin Lightening Night Cream


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About Just Herbs Af’fair Skin Lightening Night Cream:

A blend of exotic natural extracts of wonder herbs, this night cream helps to fade away dark patches and spots. Indian herbs Fumittory and Manjishtha help detoxify the blood and boost circulation to fade freckles and skin discolorations, while liquorice and yellow zedoary help control the melanin producing mechanism triggered by inflammatory response of the skin to exposure of sun’s UV rays. Vetiver roots promote skin regeneration and rejuvenate the sun damaged skin cells for a visibly fairer and radiant skin.

  • Contains certified organic ingredients
  • To make this a fairness ritual, pair this cream with Just Herbs’ Fair’e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel  followed by JH Fennel and Manjishtha rejuvenating Beauty Pack during the day. Use Af’fair at bedtime
  • Free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, Genetically modified ingredients(GMO) and other synthetic ingredients

Ingredients: Fumittory (Fumaria officinalis), Liquorice (Glycirrhiza glabra) , Vetiver , Chiraunji , Madder root ,Cucumber ext. , Yellow zedoary ext. Aqua, Sunflower seed oil**, Caprylic/Capric triglycerrides, Glyceryl stearate citrate/Cetearyl alcohol/Glyceryl caprylate***, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Aloevera leaf juice*,Vegetable Glycerine*, Soy lecithin, Shea butter, Dicaprylyl Carbonate***, Disodium EDTA, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Natural preservative(Herbs-Essential oil Complex), Fragrance.*Certified Organic **Certified Organic cold pressed .***ECOCERT approved(Natural ingredient from renewable resources)


Just Herbs Af’fair Fumittory-Liquorice Night Cream


Directions For Use: Cleanse skin with cotton wool dipped in raw milk. Massage well with finger tips till absorbed.

Price: 395 for 50gms

Packaging: I received the sample in a tiny plastic tub. The company retails 50 gm sized variant in a plastic transparent tub that has a golden lid which screw open.

Texture: The texture of this cream is thick. I like it when my night creams are thick and this too was a good treat for my dry skin. Despite of its thickness the cream easily blends in my skin and is soaked in completely within few seconds.


Just Herbs Af’fair Skin Lightening Night Cream


My Take: The cream was good for my dry skin and I am glad I got it. I have been using this cream regularly ever since I received it and I can feel some improvement in my skin texture, change is not great just a minor change that only I can feel but not so much that can be visible to others.

My dry skin needs hydration and this cream gives me that hydration, but when I try to take note of the company claims, I must say the cream does not work according to claims. It says it is a lightening cream and it lightens dark spots and patches, well I have not seen it working this way, but yes the cream definitely treats freckles. I am judging the cream on the basis of regular usage of above two weeks, and I guess this duration is decent enough.


Just Herbs Fumittory-Liquorice Night Cream swatch


Overall it is a decent night cream but not anything extremely wow to rave about.

What I Like About Just Herbs Af’fair Skin Lightening Night Cream:

  • Thick consistency.
  • Does not feel greasy.
  • A tiny quantity is required.
  • Soaks in skin within seconds
  • Hydrates skin well.
  • Treats freckles.

What I Don’t Like About Just Herbs Af’fair Skin Lightening Night Cream:

  • Does not live up to all its claims.
  • Unhygienic Tub Packaging.
  • No lightening effect.

Rating: 3/5

Will I Recommend: Yes, only if you are looking for a hydrating night cream. It is a decent night cream at INR 395 that provides hydration, no added advantage.

Have you tried Just Herbs Af’fair Skin Lightening Night Cream?

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