Just Herbs Silky Strength Shampoo Review


Just Herbs Silky Strength Shampoo

Hi beauties 🙂

Today I’d be reviewing a shampoo from Just Herbs, it is Silky Strength Shampoo. I also reviewed their Cascade Day care Lotion. When it comes to shampoo’s I’m quite particular and picky for them, cause I have my fav’s which keep my scalp and tresses healthy. So experimenting with a new hair product means a full chance of HAIR FALL or OILY/DRY Scalp and so many other problems (for me atleast). While trying out this shampoo too I was worried if it’d suit me or not. Read on to find out how it fair it is…

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About Just Herbs Silky Strength Shampoo

 A specially formulated shampoo to penetrate the hair shaft, strengthen the roots and nourish the scalp, while effectively cleansing the hair without stripping off its natural oils. Aloe Vera,(read home made aloe vera gel ) a potent natural moisturizer and conditioner stimulates the hair follicles while wheat germ oil fights free radicals and provides extra nourishment. Lecithin – a phospholipid derived from soya beans, which emulates the cellular membrane, repairs damaged hair while leaving your hair full and alive with abundant strength, bounce and volume. The therapeutic herbs hibiscus and vetiver help control dandruff, premature greying and split ends to promote growth of luxuriously shiny black hair.

  • Price : INR 245/-
  • Quantity : 100ml
  • Shelf life : 2yrs

Ingredients : Aloe vera, wheat germ oil,  vetiver extract, hibiscus extract, soya lecithin, cleansing base

My experience with Just Herbs Silky Strength Shampoo:-


  • Packaging :- Like the moisturizing body lotion’s packaging, I have a major issue with the shampoo’s packaging too. Its not too practical to be used in shower. It has a screw lid, and has a tight stopper thing on the outlet. I find it a headache to open it while using it in shower with wet hands and all. Its not that I’m lazy 🙄 , but the packaging could have been better provided if there was a flip-top cap with a nozzle thing. See below to understand how it is.
  • Fragrance :- Some flower sort of fragrance, might be jasmine. It lasts for an hour or so.
  • Texture :- The texture of shampoo is watery gel like, and it looks quite similar to oil :P  since I normally dilute my shampoo before using it, diluting this one is confusing because I can’t see how much I have added or how much more I have to add. It lathers well, but dries off soon while its one head :roftl: I mean seriously the lather/foam starts dissipating really quickly, and that makes me feel as if my hairs aren’t clean. And I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks (+) and I’ve already finished up more than half of the product.
  • Price Vs. Quantity :- The price we pay for 100ml of product is definitely too much, and if one tends to wash hair almost on alternate days then this shampoo would last you max.3 weeks.
  • Efficiency :- It cleans the scalp nicely, doesn’t strips out oil from hair, and doesn’t makes them oily. I haven’t used it after oiling my hair, so can’t say if it effectively removes oil or not. I do need a conditioner or hair mask after using it, since it kind of dries of my hair immediately after rinsing, the hairs don’t feel soft L So the silky claim didn’t work for me. Won’t comment on strength claim, as I’m facing some hair fall due to stress too.

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Overall verdict, if you want to try it go ahead, because it’s a natural product. Although I do feel it will show proper results after a long continued use. It’s a bit over priced product, that is finishing up so fast that when this post goes live, I would have finished it up 😀 Fragrance is good, but vanishes soon after hair wash, and I do require a conditioner to tame my tresses. Its an ok product for me, I’m looking forward to try something from their skin care range.

Have you used Just Herbs Silky Strength Shampoo ??  🙂

Godbless ! :-*


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  1. heehehe.. I swear.. pata nai..hamare hair ko shayad chemicals se zyada pyaar hai..islye herbal shampoo is useless for us…especially agar clean feel naa de toh fir kya fayda..

    I think i l stick to my chemicalwala shampoos 😀 :tap-dance: 😛

  2. oohhhh it is todayyyyyy…….yayayy yyy thnk god i hnvt missed… i thot hw cm i cldnt knw abt ur B’day.. nywayz…… Many Many Happy Returns of d Day Sweety :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: ….. hv a gr8 day n year ahead with lots of happiness coming to ur way….. :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: …..

  3. should give this brand a try.. may nt be this one, bt sumthng else 😉

    Hey Ana,
    Happy Birthday…
    may your all wishes be fulfilled by God, and i knw u will get a healthy cute baby..
    All my wishes from bottom of my heart….
    Keep rocking… :* :tap-dance: 🙂

  4. I have the neem version from just herbs n its fab tor emove oil but cost is toooo much..225 rupees for 100 ml and these bottles are so small..they’ll fir right in your palm..for my long hair it wont even go for 6 washes 🙁

  5. yeah.. kinda same with me too.. herbal hair stuff don work for me..

    i m using the TBS rainforest volume shampoo & conditioner now.. but it makes my hair go frizzy… eeeeeek.. even fabindia avocado did the same to me…
    i hate it..

    when i go back to dove or herbal essence my hair is soft n manageable…

    for the hefty price i paid i donno watta do with TBS shampoo… 🙁

  6. this is good post for us It helps to retain the natural hair oil and nourishes the scalp. Aloe Vera helps to moisturise the scalp and Wheat Germ provide extra nourishment to the scalp. It makes the hair look healthier and shiny.


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