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Holla peeps!

Have you heard about Hair Tattoos? No! I am not talking about the head tattoos that are really a pain to get. This is a much sophisticated and girly thing that I feel every girl who is reading must try out. It is a painless option to look trendy and this hair tattoo fever has hit the fashion world like a storm!

lucy hale hair tattoo



Hair tattoos are actually temporary metallic designs that look dead gorgeous on your hair. You can team it up with anything you please and I am sure you will grab all the eyeballs around you.

How to wear this hair tattoo?

You can just wear this tattoo like a regular temporary tattoo. Just apply it to the hair strand and then dab with a wet cotton ball. Then peel off the upper plastic and Wolla! Your tattoo is in place.

This trend works best for straight hair, though wavy hair girls can also try it!

kylie jenner wearing a hair tattoo

This trend came into limelight after the fashionista Kylie Jenner wore it and look how gorgeous she looks! Her hair tattoo, as well as her makeup, is just in place.  She wears this beautiful hair tattoo with an all black pants and t-shirt with a dark bold lip. This metallic piece just shines like a star, the only piece of shine she has in her overall black monochrome look.


How much time will these Hair tattoos stay in place:

These tattoos will stay in place until you wash your hair or peel them off with a brush. So you can be the diva on one day and plain-Jane the other!

kylie jenner

This hair tattoo is sold by a brand called Scunci and this looks really fabulous. Just you need to get one for yourself, attach it to your hair and let this baby do the talking!

Now some amazing hair tattoo designs just for you!

Tribal Hair Tattoo:

hair tattoo tribal

This looks so amazing! If you like tribal styles and fashion, then this look is the perfect one for you. Style it with any traditional outfits or even be a little daring, go for the western look with this hair tattoo on


Continuous Hair Tattoo:


This looks like a hair band and is surely my favourite of the lot! This is a style I can pull off any day.


Silver Hair Tattoo:


If you love silver and want to wear a silver accessory, why not try this beautiful piece on your hair?


Double Silver Hair Tattoo:


This looks so admirable and pretty. This simple double silver hair tattoo is surely a thing you want to grab!


Kylie Jenner Hair Tattoo:

Kylie Jenner rocked the hair accessory market with this beautiful hair tattoo that is eye grabbing yet subtle. True Fashionista!


Gold Hair Tattoo:



Team it up with a traditional outfit and make your own style statement this summer!

Simple Hair tattoo:



If you are among them who are afraid to pull off very bold hair tattoos, then this is the one for you!


Enhanced Hair Tattoo:



This hair tattoo looks so elegant yet adds a charm to the overall hair look.

Double Hair Tattoo:



This looks so dead gorgeous and is perfect for a casual look


Bandeau Hair Tattoo:


This hair tattoo looks so pretty when teamed up with a pretty girly dress.


When you won’t have hair, where will you attach the hair tattoo? So check this out for getting thick and healthy hair that is smooth too 🙂



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