Kajal/Eyeliner for Green Eyes-Suggestions


Sonam asks,

I have green eyes and want to  try colored eyeliner. I think it is going to suit me. Please recommend me colored eyeliners/kajal which will suit my green eyes?


KajalEyeliner for Green Eyes- suggestions



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  1. I have grey – green eyes, so I talk from experience here. In neutrals go for browns in all shades & also greys if you are cool toned.

    For colored eyeliners:
    Purples in all shades are gorgeous, esp if they are jewel, aubergine, deep colors.
    Greens like emerald greens, khaki greens & mehndi greens are so pretty
    I use deep turquoise blue only when I want my eyes to appear very pale silverish grey. It makes them appear less green.
    Another very good color is deep plum burgundy – it is a rare shade in eyeliners, but mixed with a bit of neutral brown – it looks amazing!
    Use silver if you are cool toned to make them appear more green, and all metallic shades like gold, bronze, copper look really good.
    Avoid black – matt black – it looks awful on me at least, so I stay away.


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