Kajol Lipstick Colour/Shade – Suggestions


Suchitra asks,

I have the worst time finding the right lipstick shade for myself.It never turns out the way I expect it to be or how it turns out on you beauties.My skin complexion matches Kajol and I think this lipstick shade will go good on my smoky eyes .I generally go dark with my eyes  and prefer neutral lipstick shade.I mostly play with my eyes.

Is there any one who can help me out in finding out the brand which will work on me and make me look like a million dollar ..lolz



Kajol lipstick suggestions


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  1. I thik she ud b wearing mac cosmo here with a dark liner…god knows y she dint blend it thoda..d liner looks so stark!

  2. I loveher eyebrows… and I love how she keeps them the way she likes them . I feel it totally softens her face and makes her look adorable, and real

  3. It looks like a nude beige lipstick with frost finish. Here are some of my reccos:

    -Loreal Color Riche in Amber
    -Revlon Super Lustrous Fleshtone
    -Mac Sis
    – Mac Freckletone


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