Kajol pregnant again


It seems Kajol plans her life and God executes it happily. Kajol is one woman who has always been admired by all. It’s not that Kareena or Aishwarya Bachchan is not admired but Kajol has been admired even when she is not working .She never even tries to look sexy but somehow her down to earth attitude and spectacular acting skills make her set apart from other female actresses.

Our happily well settled Kajol is heard to be pregnant again. She got married when she was one of the top Bollywood heroine and gave birth to Nyasa her daughter. She came back again and gave super hits, worked in her husband not so successful movies and then gave splendid performance in “my name is Khan” with sharukh khan who now works with women who is half his age.

After enjoying everything from marriage, mother hood and success she is believed to be pregnant again. Actress is busy rapping up Siddharth Malhotra’s Hindi version of Step Mom in which she plays Arjun Rampal wife and Kareena his girlfriend. The film is slated for a July release.

Kajol has always given priority to her daughter, husband and proved her mettle in movies time and again. Must say she is one woman who every one completely adores. Here wishing Kajol loads of happiness and health.


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