Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery


Previously we talked about Aishwarya rai plastic surgery but she’s not alone doing this as Bollywood ladies have been obsessed with beauty and when it comes to today’s attractive film industry, beauty counts lots. The “Raaz Girl” too felt the frantic need to boost her assets and thus went for plastic surgery. Kangana was previously in the news for her bug-bitten lips. But afterward, rumors disclosed that she did her lips surgery that made her look prettier. Although she made it clear that she did not go under such surgeries but the pictures say something else.

Lip Correction: Have seen Kangana Ranaut in Gangster and Life in a Metro? Yes.. then you must have noticed her recent “pout” which was not there when she entered the industry.  So, I guess the rumors about her lip correction were right. What’s your take??

Kangana ranaut plastic surgery_lip correction

Facelift: Kangana Ranaut cheek looks lifted also they look a bit chubby which is common to woman who has done facelift through plastic surgery. Her face looks bit puffy sometimes, especially when she gets exhausted that make us believe it more. You can also see her jaw line is a bit curved in previous pictures but now it looks more defined and sharper.  Her transformation from “innocent face girl” to “celebrity face girl” makes me believe that she has undergone facelift.

Kangana ranaut plastic surgery_face uplift

Breast Implant: Kangana Ranaut reported of having small breast which leaves so much space on her chest, but now her breast looks much larger and round though she look sexier now. The actress has confessed that her breasts have enlarged miraculously after she gained seven kilos of weight lately.

Kangana ranaut plastic surgery_kbreast implant

So, the fashion girl had three surgeries but when asked her she said, “I have not had plastic surgery. My face looks different as I have gained weight. I was bored of my thin body. The world is dying to get lean, and I like to be different.” But I think she has undergone surgeries as someone can’t change SO MUCH instantly. What’s your opinion? Is this surgery or weight gain??

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      • Remember the time she went under the blues? That was when she gained weight. There are supplements and exercises which ensure you gain weight equitably all over the body. Now once you have gained the desired weight, there are exercises to make you lose weight only from where you don’t need them. Of course this is a cut throat regimen!

  1. oh she looks so different in the first picture!!.. nose job and implants are so evident… who’s she kidding.. 😛 even i would like to know how to gain weight only “there”. 😉 :laugh:

  2. Kangana is way too young to have had a face lift and she certainly has not had cheek implants, almost no one does either these days unless they are in their late 50’s. Fillers are a better option to keep you youthful until then. Kangana has certainly had a nose and boob job and lip augmentation and looks all the better for it. Anushka looks much better with her new nose and lips. Good for her!


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