Kareena Kapoor Eyeliner – Suggestions


I am really fond of black eyeliner and  so mesmerized by  the eyeliner which Kareena Kapoor uses.I loved it in Kurbaan and now she is again wearing it in the movie HEROINE.Do you guys have any idea of what eyeliner she wears and how she uses it ?



eyeliner kareena kapoor use


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  1. I’d agree that she’s used Lakme kohl + a gel eyeliner…but if you are willing to splurge, go in for Bobbi Brown’s kohl…my friend uses it at work and it doesn’t smudge!!!

  2. You don’t really have to buy Expensive Kohl for this effect. All you need is a really dark black coloured Kohl and you have to really apply it dark.

  3. I am a great fan of Bebo and read in her interviews abt Chanel. By the way love the look of her eyes. Cant wait to watch her look in heroine :-))

  4. Yes ana and vaishnavi …
    My bro works for times of india .. Hes an entertainment correspondent .. N trust me half of these stars r fake !! Plus u see a very real side to them as a flight attendant.. Which i was .. Wht is projected to the public n reality are as diff as chalk n cheese

  5. MAC MAC all the way…I read somewhere she uses Smolder and thats why I bought one myself…and the effect is simply uffffff….Marjaawa……The first time I had smolder on at a party….atleast 3 women asked me what i had applied….I used it as a liner and all over the waterline….

  6. YOu can recreate this look by using Chambor Dazzel black on your waterline on both upper and lower. Then apply thick lines outside the waterline using a good sponge-felt tip liner or an eye-liner..then you can use a black eyeshadow and pat it along the outer line…i tried it…its as close to this one as possible 😀

  7. I m sure kareena doesnt wear lakme at all tell me guys she endorses vivel soap n boro plus cream do u think she uses those product hahhhahaa these r to attract us i definately think its a gel kajal anyway its awesome


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