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Film industries across the world are both venerated and despised. They put men and women on such high pedestals that staying on them is a very hard task. These actors are forced to conform to certain “industry standards” that can make or break their careers.

In many cases, actors have to lose or gain weight keeping in mind their screen avatars in mind. The biggest example of the same is Vidya Balan in the Dirty Picture, who had to be slim in the first part and plump in the latter.



 Kareena Kapoo Then And Now:-


The pressures of the job make actors prone to yo-yo dieting and the biggest defaulter in this case is Kareena Kapoor who has gone from full figured to size zero and back again many times throughout her career. Slowly she is being known more for her weight issues than her acting prowess.

Undoubtedly Kareena Kapoor is a very talented and gorgeous actress but in recent times, she has been embroiled in numerous controversial rumours. Whether it is the claims of various cosmetic procedures, perpetuating an unhealthy body image in youngsters or even admitting to extensive use of Photoshop in the film industry.


Kareena figure shape


But the biggest hoo-hah has always been about her yo-yoing weight. This isn’t even limited to her controversial size zero figure in Tashan, it has been around from the very beginning of her career.  Kareena was plump in her debut movie Refugee in 2000, after which she lost oodles of weight while shooting for Asoka with Shah Rukh Khan and remained so through movies like Chameli and Yuva. She once again gained a few kilos during Hulchul in 2004 but became her famous size zero in 2008 for Tashan. She became curvy again during the filming of Ra.One and Heroine , after which she was visibly more fuller figured in Agent Vinod. There are rumours that she is once again shedding the kilos for an upcoming project.




Needless to say, it’s astounding how Kareena’s weight has yo-yoed throughout her career. While she probably has a battalion of nutrionalists and trainers at her beck and call, this sort of weight loss is not possible without an incredible amount of dedication. Before I talk about the dangers, let’s take a moment to applaud the hard work that she has consistently put into maintaining or reducing her weight, it is certainly no mean feat.

But despite this achievement  yo-yo dieting is a dangerous cycle that is self perpetuating. So what are the dangers that this vicious cycle poses? Due to the fact that weight gain and loss often range from 5-10 lbs per cycle to 50lbs or more, certain research associates weight cycling with various health risks. For a start, studies suggest that it may increase the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even an increased risk of osteoporosis.




But worse than all these personal risks to Kareena Kapoor herself, let’s take a deep breath and think about the people who idolise her. India, a country prone to venerating film stars always faces the problem of youngsters being severely affected by the behaviour of their favourite film stars. In this case, numerous impressionable youngsters set out to be a Size Zero. A mostly unattainable dream that lead to dejection and an unhealthy body image in many of them.

As an actor, I think it is Kareena Kapoor’s duty to be a positive body image ambassador. This is where most Bollywood actors fall short. Never to be left behind in women’s right and environmental issues, they seem to forget that their own bodies may have a detrimental impact on the psyche of viewers. They need to point out that the bodies they have are due to rigorous exercise coupled with intensive diets. Only then will the general public wake up to the gruelling realities of the film industry. This will help perpetuate a better body image, thereby improving the mental AND physical health of those influenced by film stars.




While we may think that issues like the weight of a star isn’t that huge an issue in the bigger picture. Remember that an ocean is made from small drops of water.  Never turn a blind eye to any issue, it’s repercussions may be far reaching and incredibly influential. Every issue counts!

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  1. I admire her for the sophisticated style factor…
    I m not a fan of her size Zero anyhow..I like this Kareena with the little curves…!! 🙂
    Amazing article Nivanya…


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