Kareena Kapoor Style Diary Of A Bollywood Diva Book Review


The Diary of a Style Diva by Kareena Kapoor:Book Review

Hey all,
Girls in Mumbai may remember there was an excerpt from Kareena Kapoor’s new book last week in Mumbai Mirror.Now I love reading and I love movies and when one of my fav stars writes a book on style.. I did not waste a minute to go to the nearest bookstore and get it!!Flipkart still had it as preorder although it had a whopping discount as opposed to cover price ,I still went and bought it full price.

  • Price:Rs699 ,On flipkart for Rs 489.



Kareena Kappor style diary reviews


The book is a well written one.. almost like a conversational style.But Ms Kapoor is far removed from reality in some places like saying that “I know most people don’t get manish malhotra on speed dial” or “for a break i just hop onto a plane to London and even if its for five days I feel rejuvenated,but hills should work just as well”.or something to that effect.

People who wanna buy the book for her size zero secrets are better off buying Rujuta Diwekars book as Kareena has just given a brief description on what is actually explained in detail in Rujuta Diwekars Books.However ,Kareena  shares her diet for the size zero days and also from the days when she decided she had to gain some weight because Saif called her a 12 yr old boy!lol…

Her makeup tips are well explained ,but the highlight of this book is her traveling experiences and a shopping guide for brides and the section on Lingerie.She explains it really well as to what kind of lingerie matches best with various clothes.Another interesting read is How to treat your man right…I will not mention more as it will spoil the fun.

All in all ,It is a fun read .Some tips are meant for people with her bank balance ,but they can be well adapted to suit any budget as well.For all bollywood fans.. I would say go get it!

Heres a look at the index:


Kareena Kapoor style tips




Kareena kapoor style diary tips


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