Wise She Magnet – Grazia Beauty – Kareena Kapoor & Suzzane Roshan


kareena kapoor makeup must have


Kareena Kapoor just never gets it wrong !!!!


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  1. me too loves kareena’s makeup most of the time………& yes Anamika! I liked your reviews in cosmo recently!!!! :chic:

    • That’s true..I sometimes feel she applies it right but then her cheeks go red beech means her blush looks overdone…hehe…

  2. i have always liked kareena khol rimmed eyes.. i always wondered wht kajal she used.. then i read her book and she says she uses Lakme absolute

  3. Suzanne is pretty , but her eyes her droopy and so she should draw the liner in a way so that it goes upwards and balances out the shape of her eyes at the ends. Otherwise she `s gorgeous – considering the fact that she`s a mom of two. Kareena has fabulous expressions though .

  4. Kareena is well turned out as usual… But yes itink she needs to experiment more…

    I like Suzanne’s looks most f the time..flawless she is…none or 2 mistakes r ok I think…with 2 kids she’s entitled to much worse! Hehe..

  5. the apples of mah cheek are same as kareena’s, and i also love to highlight dem with blush :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: and our bday is on the same date :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll:


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