Kareena’s Lakme Fashion Week 2015 Finale Makeup Breakdown


Kareena’s Lakme Fashion Week 2015 Finale Makeup Breakdown

In our lives, every now and then fashion gets change and the best way to know that is when our Bollywood Divas portrays it. Recently at Lakme Fashion week, celebrities flaunted designer’s creation.

And there came our Beauty Queen Kareena Kapoor! She cast a magical Spell through Gaurav Gupta’s Black Gown.

kareena kapoor makeup at lakme fashion week (1)

This captivating beauty was the only topic for some days because of her Sculpted Look. Undoubtedly we all were so mad of her look and style and so a makeup breakdown was much needed for this look of her!

So for sculpted eyes and cheeks, the makeup artist focused on smoky eyes and with all my research what I found out was the following makeup. Though, the brand suggestion is from my side.


The most important and the base of overall makeup is Primer. For the fine makeup, one has to majorly focus on it. It must be applied on each part of face and neck and should be blended carefully. Primer also helps makeup to stay intact.kareena LFW look

Matt look caramel and brown eye shadows

Kareena in her super gorgeous look at Lakme Fashion Week has focused on smoky eyes. The Artist has picked caramel and brown Matt eye shadows. Firstly, the caramel color is applied on the eyes and then brown color is being applied on the eyes. This duo is looking beautiful on her complexion and is also teaming up well with her black gown.


For attractive eyes and for making them look bigger, the highlighter is used. I would suggest Inglot Highlighter. This should be applied just below the eyebrows and the application should be one sided only. Blend it properly on both the eyes.

kareena lakme fashion week look

Winged Eye Liner

Without an eyeliner one couldn’t get that perfect smoky look. Kareena’s makeup artist has beautifully applied the liner and a perfect wing which is hard for us. As the major problem we face is when we cannot apply the same wing on other eye.

I would here suggest a sketch liner. Sketch liner would help you with easy application and for wing!

Try this tip-

  • Put a cello tape just below your end of the eye in the upward direction in such a way that mid of cello tape should be touching your end of the eye.
  • Apply liner and wing by marking the edge of tape.
  • Repeat for other eye and remove the cello tape. For more dramatic look, give a little thick curve in the end upwards.

stunning kareena LFW look


For completing her smoky look, apply Kajal in both upper and lower water lids. Remember to Use waterproof kajal. On the lower water lid, apply little thick kajal and smudge it properly in one direction. The best way is to make a line and then filling by smudging from top for clear look. Add both, the liner end and your lower water lid’s kajal end for that Almond Eye look.

False eyelashes

For getting her look, you need to use Artificial Eyelashes which are easily available in the market.


Apply Mascara on the artificial lashes properly, here two coats are enough. Remember to use on lower lashes as well. Applying just on upper lashes is considered to be the makeup blunder as it is very easy to catch the thickness of upper one and no mascara on lower one. I did this blunder for many occasions but have learnt now.

Nude Blush

Blush must be applied below the cheekbones by making a pout so that easily we can focus on cheekbones. As we all know Kareena’s cheekbones are high because of her face shape and for that look, we need to apply nude blush below cheeks in upward direction, this will help our cheeks look high and just like Bebo!


Use powdered Highlighter available in many brands with fan brush to complete the look. Highlighter should be applied on forehead, nose, chin and upper lips by holding the fan brush lightly.


For the black gown she flaunted a deep red shade which made her look even more flawless and dead drop gorgeous! The shade apt for the look can be MAC Ruby Woo or Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipstick Red Flames

Have you seen Kareena’s latest looks on Lakme Fashion Week 2015?

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