Kate Hudson And Her Changing Style Over Years!


Kate Hudson And Her Changing Style Over Years

Kate Hudson, umm who? Well, heard about Almost Famous, the girl who played Penny Lane is Kate Hudson. The American beauty is very much known for her sultry looks and style statements. But yes, she has been evolving her style over the years and today I will show you how she has evolved over all these years into an even beautiful woman!

She has been the eye candy of Hollywood for her suave figure and looks. She has not looked back when it comes to films and fashion.

kate hudson at golden globes 2016 (9)

In the year 2000, she looked awesomely pretty as a slim lean young girl looking to hit the screens with wide dreams. At the 60th Annual Golden Apple Awards, in the same year, she looked pretty decent in her belted tunic dress with contrasting stilettoes. Her hair were totally gun blazing hot with simple short haircut.

During the same year, she appeared as a teenager when she wore a pair of bell bottomed denims with a crop top and a sling bag at the IAM.com Hollywood Launch Party.

Dazzling Diva

kate hudson beauty

She changed her look completely to a sexy actress from Hollywood during the 7th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. She wore completely gorgeous attire a knee length georgette dress with string stilettoes and a big flower on her hair.

In 1999, her beauty was at its peak and one can see her figure and physique when she appeared in a side cut slit skirt and a matching crop blouse at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards.

20th annual Women of the Year awards at Carnegie Hall

In 2002, she appeared like a rock star with her perfect figure and her short shoulder length blonde hair. She evolved completely in terms of fashion with off shoulder dresses and accessories.

At the MTV’s Total Request Live at MTV Studios in 2005, one could see her in almost hippy avatar with hair longer in length now and her skin matured as for a woman in 20s! She looks so awesome in pictures; I can only imagine her flawless skin.

The “It” Girl

One could see her flawless beauty at the 2008 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008 when she appeared in a gown, below shoulder blonde hair and her always so perfect figure.

Before that in 2004, she was seen experimenting with her hair. She curled her hair for an event at a premier. She looked so awesome in that frilly gown and cleavage revealing dress. It was just an awesome combination of beauty and fashion.


Her stint with glamour and looking pretty continues even after her pregnancy and even during her pregnancy, she maintained her flawless gorgeous look and style statement so well. People can only be in awe of her for her looks and beauty that is not definitely ageing with her.

Over the years, she has evolved so well as a woman, a mother and a successful actress keeping her looks speak for herself at all the events, premiers etc. Even pregnancy could not stop her from looking drop dead gorgeous. She surely seems to be someone using her mind and heart well. If she felt right to bare the baby bump, she did and did it with style!

Kate Hudson pregnancy

I am sure by now you all have realized that celebrities like these should be our ideals as they know how to live life even with public glares on them constantly.

What do you think of Kate Hudson’s style evolution?

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