Katrina And Her Frequent Transformation


Katrina And Her Frequent Transformation

Katrina Kaif is surely one of the most popular actresses in the recent times. And given the fact that she has been giving  a series of hit movies one after the other. So there are so many ace film makers who are looking up to her busy schedule and get dates for their project.

katrina lipstick secrets

This year has been spectacular for her as she has been working really hard on many of her projects. She also got the esteemed opportunity to walk the prestigious Red Carpet at Cannes Film Festival this year!

Along with that she has been continuously been in the news for her association with L’Oreal.

katrina loreal event look

Cosmetic Surgery

Well, when it comes to gorgeous looks and a sensuous pout, Katrina has it all. She has been one of the actresses who went under the knife for enhancing her natural features. Unlike some other actresses, the cosmetic surgery worked wonders for her look and the bee-stung fuller lips worked in her favor.

katrina cannes look

Once again Katrina is back on the silver screen with her latest flick named Phantom which kept a lot of her fans awaiting to see her in a rough & tough role yet again. Katrina is doing so many promotional appearances on reality shows and dance competitions along with her co-actor.

Katrina is already in her 30s but she manages to look stunning each time she decks up for a press event for a promotional tour!

While going through some of her pictures of the recent appearances, I felt that there was something different in her looks. And that her recent trip to London might be a possible reason behind the change in the look!

katrina different look

Botox Episode

Katrina is someone who is naturally flawless and is proud to flaunt her natural beauty every now and then. Eventually, as she was spotted after her London trip, we could sight a visible different in her looks. And it obviously indicates about some cosmetic procedures like Botox!!

As we spotted her during the promotions of her latest release, a stark difference with her previous looks is certainly visible to the eyes and though I am not sure about it, but the pictures certainly point to something secretive here!

katrina lastest looks

When you have a close look at her latest looks and other looks which were before her London trip happened, you will get what it is implied here!

Stern Face Feature

It was not only the hair color that got changed after the Cannes festival got over, but her expressionless face is surely indicative of few terms like Botox injections or fillers!

At some places, it looks as if she makes an effort to give expressions or smile for the camera due to the still expression on her face which indicates that something fishy has happened in London!

katrina movie phantom looks

Makeup is certainly capable of changing the looks of a person but certain facial expressions don’t alter with heaviest or most professional makeup itself!

katrina looks new

We doubt that it is only makeup and think of some beauty procedures that Katrina has opted for during her stay in London using her time for a quick beauty dose!! Probably!

What do you think about the difference in Katrina’s Looks?

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