Katrina Kaif Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan)


This weekend I went to watch  Mere brother ki dulhan movie and loved Katrina Kaif smokey eye makeup  in dhunki dhunki lage song.By the way do u know what does dhunki means?:question:

I was not able to find any better  picture of eye makeup than this which Katrina wore in the song 🙁

Katrina kaif makeup look in Meri brother ki shaadi

I found Katrina look quite wearable .sexy and appealing..Her eyes are  dark but not intensely dark and there are not too many colours used here.

and this is the look which I tried  while keeping Katrina Kaif dhunki song  as my inspiration 🙂

Katrina Kaif inspired eye makeup tutorial

To start with the look

Primed my eyes with Urban decay primer and applied MAC smolder on my upper lashline.With a  flat eyeshadow brush I smudged the eyeliner .I smudged my half eyelids with it and didn’t stretched it till my crease.(Pic2)Now applied matte black eyeshadow above the smudged eyeliner(Pic3)

Katrina Kaif inspired eye makeup tutorial

 Applied MAC paint pot in quite natural and cover my eyelids with it.I started applying the quite natural shade just where I left applying the smolder so that some black shade is still visible.Now I used MAC mineralize skin finish natural give me sun on my crease which is  not too brown and no too orange shade.(Pic4)

I then applied MAC smolder on my lower lashline as well and smudged it .Similar to eye lids I applied MAC paint pot neutral on lower lashline to give it a brownish black appearance .Remove of the excess eyeshadow with a Q tip as we don’t one shade to appear as dark circles:P

Now I lined again my upper lashline with Maybelline gel eyeliner and smudged the liner again .

Applied MAC rice paper from crease to brow bone and filled my brows with BODY shop brow kit.I am not sure whether Katrina used any brow bone highlighter but I did.

Katrina kaif inspired eye makeup smokey eyes katrina kaif in mere brother ki shaadi

Curled my eye lashes and applied lots of mascara.(I stretched the eyeliner little ahead from my tear duct as this is what I noticed in the movie) .:P

Katrina kaif makeup smokey eye makeup tutorial Katrina Kaif eye makeup

and I am  done 🙂

Katrina kaif  eye makeup look in mere brother ki shaadi

Product used  for the eye makeup tutorial


Kryloan loose powder, MAC bronzer BOSY SHOP BROW KIT

Have a rocking weekend ahead 🙂

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  1. great!!!
    intense and wearable on daily basis 😛 if someone wants to 😛 😛

    seeing ur eye luk after a long time 😀 and i lubbed it :inlove: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:

  2. loved it 😀 Ana :clap-n-jump: me was alsoooo wondering what dhunki means 😕 i guess it is “dhun ki ” 🙄 me not sure 😀 but this is ooosssss simpleeee evryday look for colg gals 😉 :dance:

  3. girls…. google maharaj ki jai ho!!
    luk wat i found 😛
    Update: Finally asked the lyricist Irshad Kamil himself and in his own words ‘Dhunki means TRANCE of love… Kind of Magical Spell,’ which would mean he has taken the meaning more or less from the traditional dhunki, the bow, as that goes something like a spell, in a periodic, circular way.

  4. WOW…LOOKING SEXXXYYY..ana..i need ur help…i wana know the best place to shop for sarees ethnic skirts and cosmetics in hyderabad…please help me naa..i kno u r the person to ask :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

    • Fahee…i can probably chip in my bit…for sarees with work, head to Charminar and MAdina market…if you want to buy silks then head to Chennai Silks and Chandana Bros, Kalanjali….ethinic skirts..mmm..try Neerus and maybe Sindhi Colony…

      Cosmetics ke liye..general skin care ones go to Kathiawar..also visit GVK mall, you have MAC, Fab India, Mango and many more designer stores…

      Anu your turn now..

  5. beautiful ana …… loved how the color transition is looking and i loved the colors you have used here …. not super black and easy to wear :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    quite natural is indeed beautiful color and the MSF in crease is awesome idea ana :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
    loved this sooo much :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

  6. this is just awesome… but i have few doubts. we apply mac paint pot after smudging the eyeliner or before. and instead of gel eyeliner can i use a pencil liner itself since i dont have it
    and you are looking fab 🙂

    • Hi Pinky..i applied the paint pot after smudging the eyeliner and then left tenny meeny space so that black eyeshadow can be seen..after smudging the eyeliner i did apply black eyeshadow also on top of it and then the pain pot..and you can use a pencil line if u don have gel eyeliner but try for maybelline gel liner its a versatile product.:)

  7. Really nice re-creation Anks! It is pretty close to her her eyes. Now we only need to dress u up in rocker chick clothes & accessories – you’ll look just like her 😀 😀

    I also did this look last week after I saw the movie. I was going out for dinner with hubby – but mines was a lot less smoky. I didn’t use black. Just brown shades.


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