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Hope you guys are having a nice time on WiseShe, because I am loving it here.Today I would be reviewing the Kaya Nourishing Day cream.
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I had been looking for a moisturiser that would help me combat the problem of dark spots & dullness. Previously I had used Revlon touch & glow mattifying cream but it wasn’t moisturising enough, I tried the clean & clear oil balancing moisturiser, it didn’t help me with dark spots. I spotted this on an online store, I was tempted to buy it because it said Nourishing Day Cream. I get tempted to try products that say nourishing, hydrating, oxygenating..& this one had a very impressive product description, let’s see what it says…

About Kaya Nourishing Day Cream:-

Nourishing day cream with a unique potent whitening active Azelic acid works to give you notably lighter & brighter skin. Anti-oxidant Vitamin C helps fight free radicals & improve skin texture. UV protection system protects skin against harmful effects of UV rays. Regular use gives you visible results in just 7 days.
Directions for use: Apply to thoroughly cleansed face & neck. Massage gently in upward & outward direction.
Key ingredients:
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Since the day cream comes in a cylindrical bottle, I have taken two images so that the ingredient list is more legible.
Price & Quantity: Rs 990/- for 50 ml.

My experience with Kaya Nourishing Day Cream:

Packaging: It comes in a sturdy opaque white bottle within an external transparent bottle. It has pump dispenser with a transparent lid. The bottle looks quite classy, the cap fits easily & tightly. It is a very strong bottle & won’t break easily, the pump dispenser is smooth but it is quite bulky & heavy. It is not convenient to be carried around in a purse.
Texture & Fragrance: The cream is soft & glides on smoothly, it’s consistency is between a cream & lotion. It has a synthetic fragrance not to my liking, there is a mild alcoholic smell but nothing too bothersome as it doesn’t linger.
I purchased this Day cream since it contains ingredients like Azelic acid & Vitamin C which are safe & effective at skin lightening. I did not mind shelling out so much money because Kaya is a reputed company & I had high expectations from them, though I had used their Cleansing gel & Sunscreen with very average results, I still had hopes from this one…
I have been using this cream from the past 6 weeks & have had a mixed experience with it. The cream spreads easily & evenly, it is instantly moisturising. It does not leave a whitish cast, & gets absorbed quite effortlessly but can make the skin greasy even if a little over applied. There is no instant brightening or glow, neither does it impart a matte finish, so a compact is a must for me. It does require a touch up every two hours once or my skin starts to look dull & oily specially the T-zone. I would require more frequent touch ups during hot & humid climate.
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Though it does not show immediate results, with regular usage it has helped in improving my skin tone. My face looks brighter whenever I use it, but even if I miss a single day my skin is back to square one. I haven’t noticed a significant difference on the dark spots, but they seem to fading slowly.
This is definitely not a miraculous cream as claimed, but it has worked much quicker than the others on my stubborn dark spots which just would not budge with any other cream.

What I like about Kaya Nourishing Day Cream:-

  • Sturdy & neat packaging.
  • Worked on my stubborn dark spots.
  • Very moisturising.

What I don’t like about Kaya Nourishing Day Cream:-

  • Expensive.
  • No immediate skin brightening.
  • Contains loads of chemicals.
  • Requires exact amount of application.
  • Needs frequent touch ups.
  • Not travel friendly.
RATING: 2.5/5
VERDICT: It is a good moisturiser & will mostly be suited for combination skin during dry weathers, but not otherwise. It may not provide enough hydration for dry skin & can make oily skin further slick. I cannot use it as a day cream because it leads to greasiness, I would continue to use it only at home since it has worked on blemishes, but for the cost it’s not worth repurchasing. In my opinion Kaya products are grossly overpriced.
My quest for an effective & pocket friendly Day cream still continues!
Hope this review helped you all.

Have you tried Kaya Nourishing Day Cream?

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