Kaya Skin Clinic Revitalising Tonic Alcohol Free Daily Care Toner review

By Adivaah,
Kaya  toner – Kaya skin clinic revitalising tonic alcohol free daily dare toner 
I wanted to try this Toner because I heard a lot about the Kaya products; I ordered this online through their website & got it delivered in a week. This is my first online order for skin care! The Kaya clinic is just 5Kms away from my house & it hardly takes 30minutes to reach there and  order stuff but I was so eager to do online purchasing that I decided to just sit at home and  experience this online purchase! Also I saved Rs.40 INR! How??? I’ll tell you how I did that!
What does Kaya claim about this toner: 
  It reduces pore size to normal and thus helps complete the cleansing process.
  This alcohol free toner with soothing botanicals like cucumber and witch hazel extract gently removes impurities and leaves the skin feeling refreshed, refined and comfortable.
  It contains niacinamide, which helps in sebum-control instantly giving the skin a refreshing lift.
Suitable for: Normal, Oily and Combination skin.

Application: Dispense 3 to 4 pumps on a cotton pad. Should be used twice a day, morning as well as at night.

Price of Kaya revitalizing tonic daily care is  Rs.450 (INR) for 100 ML, Online Price is Rs 410 (Rs360+ Rs50 (shipping)). So this is how I saved Rs.40

Ingredients list: I have taken the picture of the Ingredients.
My Experience with the Toner: As soon I applied this toner to my face, I experienced severe burning sensation, so I just splashed water and cleaned my face but I thought I’ll try for few more times with the hope that it will work but it was awful every time I tried this! After trying 3 times I quit because it lead to severe itching and inflammation! 
PROS of the Kaya Toner: There are not too many good things about this toner that I want to talk about!
    The packaging seems to be decent,  it comes in a plastic white colored bottle with a pump dispenser.
Cons of Kaya Toner: All that it claims is absolutely false! 
Doesn’t reduce the pore size!
It is not alcohol free though it claims!
Doesn’t make the skin feel refreshed, refined and comfortable, doesn’t give the skin a refreshing lift, it instantly make you feel uncomfortable.
It gives severe irritation that lasts for a few days & makes the skin itchy & red!
This is heavily scented, not suitable for a sensitive nose!
It says it has soothing botanicals like cucumber and witch hazel extract, I don’t think so! I think it has got lots of chemicals in it!
It is not leak proof, can’t be carried in a bag!
Doesn’t tone the skin at all.
It is not priced economical.
Will I repurchase this: I’m not going to get this even if somebody gives this for free! Not at all worthy for that Rs 40 saving with the online order! TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!


  1. Hi Anamika. I am using this toner, mine is a combination skin. I never experienced any itching or redness after using this toner.
    It does shrink the pore size but only for few hours. I felt its scented smell only for few days after that I had no idea where it got evaporated as now it doesnt smell that way. A bottle will last for around 4 months if you use it twice daily. You can give it a try.

  2. One more thing I got 200 ml bottle of this toner @ 450. Now are they people giving 100 ml for this price????
    If it's so then it is not at all economical.

  3. hahaha..quiet creative..glad it doesn't say it has got papaya otherwise taking picture would have beeen difficult for you :D:D

  4. i know v r sailing in d same boat..quest for d best toner after gulabari failed. so i got aroma magic alcohol free toner.its ben a week n i like it how it feels on my sensitive skin. u can try dat:)

  5. Yahoooo…..mom called told me today, told that my St.Ives kit has arrived!!!!!! A friend of mine was coming from Canada…asked her to pick up a few St.Ives stuff (includes the famed Daily Microdermabrasion tube too!!!) and got Burts Bees blemish stick !!! cant wait to get back and try them all….

  6. i know v r sailing in d same boat..quest for d best toner after gulabari failed. so i got aroma magic alcohol free toner.its ben a week n i like it how it feels on my sensitive skin. u can try dat:)

  7. Hehehe….Miss J…..i have been so desperately waiting for y load since an year!!!! Burts Bees Blemish stick has been playing on my mind for such a long time…have you used it??? heard good reviews about it…

  8. You have sooo many other products that i would have lovvved to have….(confession time) and i fell J then !!! will definitely tell you how it wors…and yes just read up on the microdermabrasion creme of St.Ives…souds too good….

  9. aviddah this article is really helpful for 3 who are thinking to buy this shitty product. i’ve combination (sensitive) skin and this toner is specially meant for sensitive skin. totally money waste i purchased it online first few days were okay but after few days my skin feel irritation, red small patches and burning. my 450rs. wasted ;-(


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