Kaya Skin Peel Treatment Review | Kaya Peel Experience | Chemical Peel India


Kaya Skin Peel Treatment Review | Kaya Peel Experience | Chemical Peel India

Hello Ladies, How are you all? I had previously shared My Skin Peeling laser Treatment Experience From Kaya Skin Clinic when I was undergoing the Q-Switch laser treatment & Skin Peeling at Kaya Skin Clinic. Now with more chemical peels done on my face, I felt like sharing my experience with Kaya Peel Treatment. Moreover, it would also help if you are considering to get a chemical peel done to improve your skin!

skin peeling & Q-Switch treatment experience

Kaya Skin Peel Treatment: Experience

Chemical peels are basically done to remove the upper layer of skin. It is done so that the upper layer of skin which has pigmentation problems, blemishes or large pores is removed and new skin is revealed. Besides that the new skin heals slowing with the right products used during peeling process!

Initially after getting 2-3 peels, my skin didn’t peel at all and I was like this treatment is surely not working for my skin. I also felt that if the skin doesn’t peel at all whats the point in getting a chemical peel!!

Well, the dermatologist explained that sometimes it happens and you need to be patient.  Well, I waited and only after my fourth peel, I could see my skin literally coming off from certain areas.

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I opted for the chemical peel because of slight pigmentation area on the face.  Also because the larger skin pores around the nose & cheeks which looked bad in pictures.  If you too have similar skin issues like sun damage, fine lines, blemishes then you can get a chemical peel. Most importantly consult a dermatologist because they would better understand your skin problem.

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Chemical Peel Side Effects

Talking about some common side effects of such treatments it is better to ask about it well in advance. This way you are ready for the after-effects! For me, it has been the extra dryness I am facing on my skin! I literally feel my skin has become so dry now, which was previously combination type. Nowadays no amount of moisturizer is enough to give it the hydration it needs for the whole day! Also be prepared for the slight burning sensation after the chemical peel is done. Besides that make sure to protect your skin from the sun by applying proper sunscreen as prescribed.

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Kaya Sunscreen (3)

I have realized that when you are undergoing a skin treatment like Peeling / Q-Switch you will definitely see your skin improving. The thing is that when you stop your skin may get back to what it was before. Additionally this is more of a temporary effect which you see on the skin. So, yes you need to maintain your skin with a lot of products so as to keep the skin’s glow intact!

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Talking about my experience with Kaya Skin Clinic, they are expensive for sure! Also one thing I didn’t like was that they did not analyze my skin whether I actually needed the treatment. They just went ahead with the treatment without analyzing!

Another thing was that the dermatologists didn’t brief me about any treatment as to how it is going to affect the skin or any side effects related to it! Occasionally, they told about the side effects and sometimes they didn’t tell at all!

Kaya Skin Clinic is overall a good place with their staff very attentive and actually hear out your skin concerns but a major drawback is that the dermatologist keeps changing throughout the course of your treatment which is not something you would spend so much for! The results are temporary so that is another reason I would not suggest you to go for Kaya Skin Clinic and it is better to get in touch with a good dermatologist and let him/her take care of your skin in a better way!

So, that was all and if you have any other queries about skin peeling treatment or Kaya Skin Clinic products do comment below and I will get back to you!

You can checkout the video below for my detailed thoughts and what side effects I experienced, about the cost of the treatment, benefits & risks involved with chemical peeling!


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