Keep Calm And Be Awesome


Keep Calm And Be Awesome

So 2016 didn’t exactly start on the note you wanted? It happens to many of us. We get all excited about taking a fresh start in the new year that when things do not materialize, we feel bad. Its OK to feel bad but hanging on to the situation is not. Then there are people whose started quite well. They should enjoy the good times but again there is no need to think that it will be here forever. Keeping this in mind will help you in dealing with nutty situations that may come anytime.

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The point is that nothing lasts forever whether its happiness or sorrow. Staying motivated and calm is the only way to lead an awesome life. So if things are not going your way, here are a few ways to stay motivated-

Stop worrying

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In such situation it is really important to keep yourself together and stop worrying about things that are beyond your control. It will be better to take control of the things that are still in hand. This way you will be closer to sorting the mess.

Do not pressurize yourself

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Keep expectations low whether they are from yourself or from others. When you put the onus of everything bad on yourself, you feel worse. Take things at their face value and do not try to turn situations on their heads, its not possible.

Feel stronger

If you think then you will realize that you have survived the situation. Rather than feeling down, its time to feel even stronger. A feeble person might have broken under the same circumstances but you didn’t.

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Do not expect anything drastic

A new year starts with just another day so its not possible that things will change for good or even bad all of a sudden. Yes things change in a matter of seconds but expecting a new year to give your life a complete makeover is too much.

Better things are coming

When I say that do not keep your expectations high, I mean that you should stay hopeful. Things are going to change sooner or later but at their own speed. Again remember to do your best but never get discouraged by failure.

Keep trying

Never stop trying to come of difficult times. Do not feel scared to take another step forward. If you don’t take the next step, you will be stuck where you are as things do not change on their own. Once you move forward, only then you will realize what things are awaiting you. If they are good then you will be glad that you dared. If you don’t get desired results, don’t get stuck again. Keep taking steps into the future.

Rise and shine

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The bad situations of life teach you many things. They make you stronger, a better learner, more hopeful, more determined and fuel your struggles. Our struggles are just paths that lead to good things.

Lastly, I would like to mention my dear husband’s favorite line- Tough times never last, tough people do.

How do you stay motivated in tough times?

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  1. That’s quite inspirational.. Never afraid of being failure is the mantra of my life and it was a pleasure reading this post Maits 🙂

  2. So true Maits…this is one of my favorite quotes!

    When people say 2015 or any particular year was bad for them, I simply don’t get it.. I mean you are writing this presently it means you survived and came through that.. so why to even bother to remember about that time..!

    Lobed this post! sharing it! :-*


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