Keeping Beauty & Makeup Items Organized


Keeping Beauty & Makeup Items Organized

For beauty and makeup addicts this New Year resolutions also included a point on shopping wisely and using most beauty and makeup stuff first to finish them off!

In simple terms it would mean a kind of self imposed makeup ban which was surely necessary keeping in mind the loads of makeup you might have hoarded last year during all the possible end of season sales! :-p

vanity table

Honestly speaking, I am not that obsessed with makeup but I simply cannot resist beauty buys although I know I am not going to use any single product till it gets emptied! As a result there is so much unused stuff in your vanity and you simply cannot figure out any way as to how you can efficiently utilize all the stuff and also keep them organized so that if you need a particular stuff, you can get it easily and don’t have to go through searching for it for a long time!

Tricks to Look Gorgeous -Organize

Revamp Your Vanity

So, now the resolution month is already coming to an end why not use a holiday, say Republic Day, for organizing your beauty and makeup products for good and also revamping your place of heaven at home i.e. your vanity area!

storage containers+makeup storage ideas

So, here are some of the best organization tips for all those beauties who have manage to hoard a lot of stuff and are hopelessly using hardly 10-15 products from the entire stash! 😉

makeup storage

Keep yourself free-

Girls, if you have plans of going out in 2 hours, please do not do the organization at this time. It needs a lot of time and also the enthusiasm. Also at the end of your organization, you will hardly feel energetic enough to do anything else or go anywhere. So do it only when you have a full day off!

Blush & Lipstick storage

Gather scattered stuff-

Always make sure to gather your entire stash at one place. And then start with your organization. It should not be like you started and then remember about a box of cosmetics kept in another room’s closet. It is never going to get organized that way then!

lipstick storage ideas

Sort out Expired Makeup-

discard expired lipsticks

A lot of makeup products might actually have been expired and you have a good reason to discard them. Now make a new shopping list to balance the loss of so many expired makeup! :-p

If somehow you cannot recall or have lost the outer cover, look for the product texture and fragrance as to being normal. It it is normal then keep using it or get rid of it for good. Because using it may lead to further skin issues!

Sort out Unnecessary stuff-

Eyeshadows+Lipsticks+mascars+Palette+Eye pencils

Make a priority stash of makeup and beauty products which you actually use. And those keep those items which you don’t use frequently separate. It is better to let them not be a part of the new organized stuff. Instead donate it if it is still fit to be used or throw away if expired!

Choose products which actually suit you-

Always choose whatever products which you are going to actually use in later life or which suit you the least. If you had bought it out of impulse then it is probably the best time to give it away to any one around who might use it happily than you!

Sort our duplicate stuff-

nyx simply red lip cream pencils

Sometimes it happens that your vanity actually consists of makeup products which are almost similar. And you cannot decide on a single name while using and always get confused! So, it is better to get rid of it and let another person be happier and have the luxury to use it!

Well, these were some of the humanly possible organization tricks which are easier life decisions and won’t leave you shattered at all. In fact after clearing all these products you will actually be left with only those products which you love and use more frequently! It will also give a great feeling to give away some of your unused products to anyone around who is equally fond of makeup! 🙂

Have you tried these Organization hacks before?

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