Keeping me tan free – Himalaya Fairness Kesar Pack


Keeping me tan free – Himalaya Fairness Kesar Pack

When the whole world celebrates summer season, we Indians look ways to avoid it. We try to run away from it and go to some hilly or cool place to hide in. Summers here in India are dreadful. You don’t feel like moving out at all. One of the reasons is that you do not feel like dabbing your face with heavy foundations. We either prefer a no makeup look or a no foundation makeup. God forbid if we have to go out in summers for some event or have to go out for a day in the sun, I can only imagine the horrible tan that I would return back with. This scare of sun is what makes us try all the face packs around and find our choicest one which suits us and is completely made out for us.

Himalaya kesar face pack india

I generally use few packs which help in keeping tan away and one of them is Himalaya Herbal Fairness Kesar face pack. I particularly do not look for fairness what I mostly look for is something which keeps my skin away from the tan. So, what I basically want is to let it be immune to summers without any harm to it. I do not want to get fairer than what I am and I definitely would not like to be darker than this.

So whenever I come from sun, I ensure to use this pack for at least 2-3 times a week and this shows immediate result. Yes! immediate 🙂

himalaya fairness pack review

Tan Removal

The basic ingredients that this product has are aloe vera which acts as a hydration medium, turmeric and kesar as anti-oxidants and walnut that scrubs. It also has glycerin which helps to keep the skin moisturized and does not make me run for a moisturizer immediately I have removed the pack from my face. It also has Kaolin which helps in cell regeneration and shedding of dry and dead cells easily.

Price: Rs 130 for 100 gm with a shelf life of 3 years.

Packaging: It comes in a squeeze tube travel friendly packaging.Cap is pretty tight and won’t spoil your bag 🙂

After application, the skin breaths, it does not feel itchy or stretchy. When applied, I did feel some sensation but when Sneha who works with me applied it, she did not feel anything. Probably my sensitive skin is way too sensitive to tolerate some ingredient in it.


himalaya fairness pack before and after

This pack is white in color and the paste like consistency makes it easy to spread. It has a mild fragrance which makes me go back to the herbal face packs that I have used previously and found soothing and relaxing to use. I cannot describe the fragrance to you but its smooth and not bothering.

This pack is definitely very effective and you would find the difference in your tanning or should I say you would not be able to find any difference in your skin before and after you experienced the sun if you use it regularly. You should definitely try this and summers are the right time to try and experience it as it makes you aware of the extremes of conditions your skin could be into and what role this pack could pay in relieving you.

himalaya fairness pack 1 review

This pack is 100 grams and as I have a habit of layering the pack, it lasts me 5-6 times only. If you do not believe in using a pack in this much quantum, it should last you longer.


  1. I am currently using this face pack. And it do sting a bit which I thought is normal. But I guess my skin is sensitive tooooooo.. *facepalm*

    But this is an effective face pack.. Though they are temporary..


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