Keeping the spark alive in marriage


Do you remember the days when to talk to each other you will stick to your phone. You kept waiting for his call endlessly but never pretended that you were waiting. Giving gift to each other on every small occasion. Every time going to the parlor before meeting him. Days when your husband couldn’t keep his hands off from you. Those days were full of laughter, shyness and sparkle. Why can’t those days be there forever? You cannot hold your husband responsible or time duration of the marriage responsible for it. Women generally get so engrossed in her work life, kids that taking out time for romance become the last thing in mind .

Why many people have a incredible marriage? Why do they look so happy and perfect together? Are they just pretending it? No its not. There are couples who are so madly in love with each other that every time when you see them you see the sparkle. All needed is an extra effort from our side. When you take initiative other person do notice and respond back but in his own way.

Some points which you should always keep in mind in your marriage.

1. Always give respect to your husband publicly. Never criticize him in front of others or make fun of him. At some point of time he was your friend but now he is your husband so respect him the way you want him to respect you.

2. Give space to each other in your relationship. Don’t make relationship so claustrophobic that your partner can not breathe only. If he wants to talk to his friend then you don’t have to know why and what .If you always ask him what happened then telling you all things will become irritating for him.

3. Nobody is perfect. Even if you married a perfect man he will see failure in some thing or other so never discourage him. Always be his support.

4. Stop nagging for small things. Everyone has their ups and down .No body reacts the same way. so keep your anger and nagging under control.

5. Its not only man’s job to go and pay all the bills.You can take money from him and submit your electricity bills or get your cell recharged.Your husband will not feel that burdened.Similarly its not only your responsibility to do all house hold work.When you support him he will understand and support you in house hold work.

6. Never go to sleep without resolving your fights. This is a recipe of disaster. Other partner feel humiliated and uncared.

If you keep above five point in mind and then think of adding sparkle in your marriage ,I am sure you can get back the sparkle.

Following are some tips which can be used to revive your relationship

1. Say your partner that you love him when he least expects it.

2.Surprise him with a candle night dinner and don’t forget to wear your favorite dress which he likes.

3. Man like many thing other then wallet so try to be creative and gift him something different.

4. Discuss the old sparkling days with him. He will also realize what you are missing.

5. Fill your room with flowers and bring his favorite pastry on every achievement of his.

6. Get a nice romantic ring tone uploaded on your mobile for him.

7. Laugh and try to make the atmosphere light rather than switching over to TV.

8 Call and ask whether he had lunch or not but make sure he is not busy every time when you call him. This make the man feel cared.

9. Buy exotic lingerie when you go shopping and get one for him which you like.

10. Seldom send some love messages.

11. You still love your husband so you can wait for him .Even he is late try to understand.

12. Take good care of yourself. Exercise, go to parlor, get a good hair style done and always be fresh and good looking.

Above things just needs some extra effort but they can certainly revive your marriage making you feel blessed and lucky they way you were thinking when you got married.

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