Keeping Woolens As Good As New #Ezeecares



Have you ever heard what your sweater tells you when you put that in the bucket full of Detergent water? Have you ever wondered how your sweaters and woolen garments feel when you do all that “Ragad ragad ke saaf karna”? Yes, your woolen feel bad too, as that detergent that you are using contains Soda that is the ultimate enemy your cardigans can have. Your that detergent, that advertises to be fabric friendly and keep colours as bright as possible, are destroying your woolen garments day by day. They are losing their shine and colour and ultimately turning into a limp and lifeless piece of cloth in your wardrobe.


So what to do? Is there anything in this world that can save those wooly souls from losing their life? Well, yes! Just take it Ezee with Godrej #EzeeCares

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Godrej Ezee is a pH neutral liquid detergent that cares for your clothes and your hands! It gets dissolved in water in a wink and gently cleanses your clothes and makes them new forever.

It has the “No Soda Formula” that cleans your soft woolens without making them rough and colourless.

The special “Inbuilt fabric conditioner system” gives a pleasing aroma every time you wash your clothes and dry them. This soft and pleasant smell makes you feel energized and fresh in these boring, cold winters.

Godrej is a brand that always comes up with new-age lifestyle products that are easy on the pocket. And this time it is no different. Quite affordable and highly effective a product – Godrej Ezee can be defined that way too.



What more? It is gentle on your hands too. As this product has no soda into it, your hands are not affected much even after hand-washing your clothes. You don’t scrub your woolens because you love them and similarly Godrej Ezee cares for your delicate hands by not making them dry.

And if you are wondering to try a small bottle before buying a large one, Godrej cares for your basic needs too. It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 40 grams sachet to a 1 Kilogram bottle. Super Saver packs are also available and discounts are there for all your conveniences.

“Ragadna” however good it sounds for your clothes, actually wears off their shine and zeal. They are nowhere close to the new ones you bought with all your hard earned money. And you are left with a sad face and some sad clothes. But why do that when you can make them so happy?

The procedure of using Godrej Ezee is just like its name Ezee. All you have to do is to pour the required amount of product into the water and wash off all your woolen clothes- sweaters, shawls, mufflers. Let them dry and see how new and unused they look. Though no one can come close to the love you have for your woolens, Godrej Ezee tries to be their best friend and yours too!

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab this and I am sure you can’t be happier. Let the demon “Ragad” be out of your house and life forever.

And trust me! Gentle washing your winter wear can never be this easy without Godrej Ezee.




  1. Ya it is really a very good choice for washing woolen clothes as well as some delicate sarees and dresses. I really like it.


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