Tips For Keeping Your Teeth White – Guest Editorial


 One of the most popularly overlooked aspects of beauty and image is that it is very important to keep your teeth clean and white. It is easier, of course, to focus on the more external aspects of these considerations, such as facial beauty and hairstyle, etc. However, a white smile is extremely essential in a beautiful face and positive image, and dirty or stained teeth can go a long way toward tarnishing an image that is otherwise flawless. Whether you are smiling and showing off unattractive teeth, or you are reluctant to smile due to your teeth, not having a white smile can hold you back in various ways. With this in mind, here are a few easy ways to make sure that your teeth stay white.

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To begin with, you should know that there are methods in dentistry designed to whiten your teeth. While this is not something that necessarily happens during your basic check-up visit to the dentist, many dentists are perfectly capable of performing whitening procedures. In fact, there are even fields of dentistry designed specifically toward the aesthetics, rather than health (“cosmetic dentistry”). So, if you are truly struggling with keeping your teeth white and strong, you may simply want to inquire with your dentist about professional whitening methods, or take a look at a site like Top

You can also purchase whitening kits in most drug and grocery stores, which allows you to address the problem on your own. Generally, these kits do not get the job done as quickly as a professional whitening treatment, but they do get results over time. Generally, a kit will include some manner of material that you either paint onto your teeth after brushing, or that you stick to your teeth for a set period of time each day. Over time, these methods can noticeably shift the shade of your teeth from yellowish to white, allowing you to flash a more attractive and confident smile.

You can also do a lot to maintain a pretty smile simply by watching your habits, and what you eat and drink. For example, smoking tobacco products is known to stain teeth and cause dirty gums, which can be very detrimental to your smile. Additionally, there are certain foods and drinks (blueberries and coffee to name a few) that are known to stain the teeth long-term. So, be careful to brush immediately after consuming these substances. There are also foods that can help to keep your teeth white, such as abrasive vegetables like celery, which grate against your teeth and remove plaque, or even citrus fruits, which perform an almost bleach-like function on your teeth. If you consider these everyday aspects of dental care, and perhaps look into one of the whitening methods mentioned above, you should be able to maintain a smile that you can flash proudly and consistently.


  1. ive heard quite alot bout cosmetic dentistry of my pals actually had a procedure done right b4 her wedding 2mts back for some unevenness…is a miracle wot can b done these days..

  2. Oh i want to get some cosmetic dentistry done…my front tooth is chipped off cause of a freak accident in childhood…any idea how much it would cost anyone?

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