Kendall Jenner’s Secret DIY Hair Mask Revealed!


Hello, ladies!

We all love our hair, don’t we? We go for expensive hair spas and hair treatments to get a good hair day every day. Not only this, we also invest in a hell lot of products to make the manes look shiny and healthy. There are a number of girls who are born with beautiful hair but a majority of them are just average ( like me!:( ) We often look at celebrities and get our inspiration to have hair like them, but very few of them actually reveal their secrets. One of the celebrities who has done this none other than the beautiful Kendall Jenner and her hair mask is something to try! Take a look.

Kendall Jenner’s hair is to die for but her hair mask is as simple as it can be. It just has 3 ingredients into it!

Avocado– 1 piece

Banana– 1 piece

Coconut Oil– 2 tablespoon

How to prepare the mask?

Mash the avocado and banana until they have no lumps in them. We need a smooth paste for application. Then add 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil and mix them well.

How to apply?

Take the mixture and apply it all over the hair avoiding the roots. It is for hair conditioning and so if applied to the roots, will make hair greasy. If you have a very dry scalp, you can definitely apply it on the roots. Leave on for 1 hour and then shampoo with a mild one.


Avocado will nourish the hair making it soft while banana will ensure that the hair remains manageable and frizz free. Coconut Oil will make it shinier and also prevent any moisture loss. Hair will become shiny, healthy and nourished.

That’s all folks! Hope you have liked my small post 🙂

watch the video here



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