Keo Karpin Body Oil Review


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Oils are a true bliss for skin.It nurtures dry and flaky skin from within and reveals soft and younger looking skin. Lately, I have started using oils in my skin care and I have really felt the difference. Today, I’ll be reviewing Keo Karpin Body Oil which I am using every alternate day during this winter season.


About Keo Karpin Body Oil

Keo Karpin oil is a body massage oil that is herbal and ayurvedic. It has many essential features that prevents your skin from rashes, sunburn, discolouration, dryness and wrinkling. It comes in a bottle that has a flip cap and it gets locked, which prevents the oil from flowing. This body oil has olive oil, neem and haldi extracts too, which keeps your skin in the best condition.


Key Ingredients: Daru Haridra 50mg, Haridra 50mg, Manjistha 50mg, Arjuna 16mg. Oil base contains: Karpoor 10mg, Lanolin 50mg, olive oil 0.05ml, neem oil 0.005ml, Arachis oil 1ml, Light Liquid Paraffin to make 10ml, Butylated Hydroxyanisole 0.02%, perfume, Permitted natural colours.

Price- INR 55 for 100 ml.

My Experience with Keo Karpin Body Oil

Packaging: This body oil comes in a regular keo karpin packaging which is simple and easy to work with. It has a lock lid system, which gives extra protection to product every time you take out from a bottle, hence no product wastage.The bottle displays the brand name with all the main ingredients and the necessary information as well.

Fragrance, Texture and Performance-


Fragrance wise, it is quite on the stronger side. It has a very strong herbals smell which lingers for quite a long time. I love this fragrance, some might not like this, though!

It is neither too thick nor runny, just a perfect consistency. I just love how it feels on my skin. It spreads evenly and only a little amount is needed for a time.You can use this as a massage oil too.

I adore lightweight moisturisers as my skin type is oily and breakouts prone. I use it as a massage oil and after massaging my skin vigorously, I use mild body cleanser. It leaves my skin super soft and reduced skin breakouts to a great extent. It is a great body oil at an affordable price tag, highly recommended!!


What I Like about Keo Karpin Body Oil?

  • Simple and travel-friendly packaging
  • Smells great
  • Anti- fungal and anti-dryness properties
  • Great for Bacne
  • Amazing oil for winters
  • Gives soft and smooth skin
  • Highly affordable
  • Widely available
  • Little goes a long way.


What I don’t like about Keo Karpin Body Oil?

  • Feels sticky if used exaggerated.
  • Not meant for summers.


Rating- 4/5



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